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    Manual popping out of gear

    2005 TDI with DUK Long story short, after what I thought were linkage issues I lost 1st, 5th, and reverse gears. Turns out one of the "stop screws"/"slider bolts" had gone missing. After replacing it with one from the Boxster transmission I have kicking around I got my gears back...
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    FS: Passat W8 wagon part out

    I needed the hatch and a few other bits for my B5.5 TDI but the rest is available, let me know what bits and bobs you might be interested in and I'll get you a price. Located 16805 edit: added better pictures to 3rd post
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    BRM injectors and ECU; Passat TCM

    190K miles $150 for injectors $50 for ECU $125 TCM (3B0 927 156 CF)
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    Manual Tune

    Finishing up the mechanical bits of my manual swap this week. Still need to get the ECU tuning portion of things sorted. I'm pretty happy with current power levels just want to row my own, but the tuner pricing structure makes it such that I'll probably just end up getting a Stage 1 tune while...
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    Clutch Options

    Hey folks, I've casually been considering a 5-speed swap for a few years (and even more heavily since my torque converter went out). After dropping my the pan and trans in my Passat over the winter break I realize that replacing the torque converter at this point is just kicking the can a very...
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    Failing Tandem Pump?

    Hey folks, 2005 Passat, brakes work fine except for on cold start. Shifting into park the car will start rolling and there are a few panicked seconds as the car lurches forward and I'm frantically jamming on a rock hard pedal. Brakes work absolutely fine subsequent to that, it just takes a...
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    2000 Jetta TDI (90K) drivetrain partout

    Hey folks, Sadly, I will be going back to school starting August 5, and I never got time to fix up the ever so lovely wrecked TDI that I've been sitting on for a few years hoping to get to. I spent yesterday pulling the drivetrain and manual swap parts and the chassis is getting dragged off to...
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    Suplex MK5 and MK6 front springs

    New Suplex 39284 (1K0411105BC) springs. $60 shipped. For reference Don't have the original boxes. Thanks!
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    ALH parts (short block, injection pump)

    This stuff's been sitting around in my garage for too long, and it's time to free up some space for other projects to sit around for too long. I have an ALH shortblock for sale. It came in a car I bought to fix up for my mom. 138K miles, the T-belt broke and the mechanic the PO took it...
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    Inline transmission filter

    I know not everyone agrees, but I'd like to add a Magnefine inline oil filter, I'm trying to figure which line is the return from the oil cooler and can't seem to find the information anywhere. Anyone know the line size? I don't have the car in front of me, is there a rubber hose portion of...
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    '01 New Beetle part out

    Engine, trans, ecu, cluster already pulled and spoken for, but everything else is available for a short while until I drag it off to the junkyard. Sunroof car, interior isn't the greatest. Just pulled downpipe: $130 shipped for that. As you can see has a little hole right where it went...
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    Water in fuel

    Can it do more than clog the injectors/IP? Can it make it into the CC and hydrolock/bend stuff? A friend apparently got fuel at a station with water in their tanks, his mechanic has cleaned fuel tank and lines, but still won't start. It's high miles, so I'm unsure if it's worth going...
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    Turbo sticking

    So, my TDI has been going into limp mode, so it's been parked a lot lately and I now should be able to find some time to do something about it. When the issue first presented I checked, and the actuator was stuck. It easily freed up, and has a reasonable amount of movement and moves freely...
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    Beetle TDIHeater

    Selling a new-in-box TDIheater for '03 and down NB TDIs. My mom bought it for her TDI, but now that I've retimed her motor and pump I've convinced her she doesn't need it. Asking $100 shipped.
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    Noise after TB job.

    My mom had some surgery the other day that makes her unable to operate the clutch pedal, so I decided to use the time to give her a b'day/xmas present of a t-belt job. She has no idea when it was last done, the last time I know it was done was ~80K miles at the dealer--the car now has 212K...