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    Shop needed

    Hey all, Looking at a 2015 golf sportwagen in OH. The used car dealership has some questionable reviews. Any trusted shops in or around Cincinnati OH that you recommend? Thanks in advance. Z
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    WTB Golf Parts

    Looking for a front bumper, Passenger side front fender, and passenger side front door.
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    Battery fuse box fire.

    My father has a 02 Jetta tdi. The fuse box that sits on the battery had caught fire. He ordered the new fuse box and fuses and put them in. The car still won't start. I told him to check all the fuses and relays in the car. Any other ideas or directions we could go in to get her back up and...
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    Rough start, lil bit of smoke, and and engine light

    So like the title says, Rough start, lil bit of smoke and a check engine light that comes on after the car has been running for about 10-15 seconds. Popping the hood and looking at the motor it seems to be running w/ a bit more vibration than normal. 205k on 01 Golf. Any Ideas? the timing was...
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    150pd intake Manifold

    I'm considering putting a 150pd intake manifold on my 01 ALH TDI. Looking for advice. Pro's? Con's? Concerns? One question I have is what will be needed and how hard is it to swap? I've read that while also doing the EGR delete I will possibly need a connection for two water hoses or pipes. Does...
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    Suspension help

    Wondering if anyone knows the name of a part i'm looking for. I have a Clunk in the rear of my car when I hit a pothole, bump, manhole cover, etc. Looking under the car I see something that may be the issue. The "bushing" (which I call it becasue I'm not sure) which is roughly a foot towards the...
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    WtB Ariettas

    Looking for a decent set of Ariettas. Closer to MI the better.
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    Air filters

    Wondering if anyone knows where I could buy the adapters or kit to change my filters from original to the cat or K&N?
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    03 tdi

    A friend of mine has an 03 wagon. One of her glow plugs went out. They are telling her that she needs new glowplugs, harness, and ecu. Just wondering if she is getting taken for the proverbial ride.
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    WTB Chip

    Looking for a Rocket chip or Alligator chip for a 00-01 TDI GOLF. Also if anyone is getting rid of a suspension package that would fit.
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    bolt patterns and offset

    What would the bolt pattern and offset be on a 00 01 4dr golf TDI? I think its the 5x100 but not sure. I'm away from home and can't look it up myself.
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    Why would my abs stop working after disconnecting my battery? I've never had a problem w/ it before, until yesterday. I disconnected my battery and next thing I knew that sensor tripped or rather something happened and now the ABS light is on the brake indicator flashes and I no longer have the...
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    Does anyone know which Fuse controls the Cigarette lighter? And is there a decent fuse diagram?
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    Thinking of selling

    Thinking of selling the Golf. I need more space (DH skis don't fit). Just resolved the boost issue and everything else has been done except brakes, they should be done next wk. I was thinking 11,000. Any interest?
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    Boost issue

    OK. When driving my car (01 tdi golf) When I get to 3100 rpms there seems to be a boost "lag". This is most noticeable in 3rd gear. Now I was "educated" that Lag is not the term used, but it seems to be the best I've found to describe what happens. Boost is great until then when, it seems to...
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    WtB 17's

    Looking for 17" factory Wheels.
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    WTB 17's

    looking for 17" factory wheels. Good rubber, bad rubber, no rubber.
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    Turbo lag

    I'm getting some lag about 3100 rpm's. My mechanic believes that the boost sensor and or airflow sensor may be on its way out. We also discussed I may want to drain and clean the intercooler. A car had a ton of oil in the intercooler which led the car to rev and blow the engine. The same car had...
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    Wagon still wanted

    I'm still looking for an 03 wagon. Anybody selling one that is reasonably priced?
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    Still looking for an 03 wagon. If anyone has one please send me a message. Thanks, Zach