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    Help ! Injector Pump Seal Leaks

    Hi. I've been noticing some diesel seeping through between the top cover of my injector pump on a 96 TDI passat. The cover is held down with 3 torx bits and hex bolt. My car runs fine with no smoke despite the loss of fuel. 1.Can I just replace the seal myself? 2.Where can I buy the seal? Can...
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    N18 EGR vacuum regulator solenoid valve

    Mine is broken into pieces (plastic connectors). It's $145 at the dealer. Anyone knows where I can get a better deal? Thanks.
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    96 Passat returned fuel question

    I have a 96 passat. The end of my clear-tube-returned line is connected to a T. The T directed the fuel to the fuel filter and to a sensor(?) near the rear of the airbox. The line from the sensor connect to the exhaust pipe. What is that sensor? Is is just a thing to help heat the fuel? Thanks...
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    Broke the dipstick tube

    Hi. I just broke the dipstick tube. Right now, I use the duct tape to hold the tube into one piece. Can I still drive it like that because I will not get a chance to fix at least this week?
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    B4 passat Tdi question

    Hi I've just got a 96 passat tdi last week. I've already put a thousand miles on her. I like the car so far. Anyway, I have a question about the car. -Is it true that B4 passat use only IP to draw diesel from the tank (no transfer pump like TDI jetta?)? -Does this car has a remote unlock at all...