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    Can I Run 99% in my 2006 Jetta TDI?

    I would run a tank of B99 every month through my 2005.5 just to keep things clean. I just sold the car after not driving it for 9 month. It had 72K when I sold it and ran like a champ. Wife runs it in her 05 Bug once in a while and no problems.
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    rough idle, 5-spd

    I noticed if I ran a little bio it would smooth out, and if I reved it up it would come back ok.
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    What's wrong with diesel price?

    I am convinced that the higher diesel prices are to subsidise lower gas prices. Diesel use to be lower until gas prices went way up and people started to complain. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and the media only covers gas not the evil diesel.
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    Using B20 in my 2006 PD with no issues

    I run at least 2 tanks of B100 in my 05.5 and haven't had any problems. 65K and running strong.
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    Golf TDI still avaiable

    wife wants to trade her 05 TDI bug on a TDI Golf, are these still avaiable?
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    Speedo failure

    Sounds like a problem with the instrument cluster, plan on a long wait for parts.
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    Intake cleaning on A5/MkV?

    Actually today I am at 61,897 the car is 13 months old. I have the original tires (never been rotated) and the brakes are still going strong. Change the oil every 10K the fuel filter every 25K and 2 sets of wipers. I run 1-2 tanks of bio/month (fill 3 tanks/week) and drive it like I stole it. :D
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    Intake cleaning on A5/MkV?

    I am at 60K and running strong with no sign of carbon problems.
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    Any one elses MPG Dropping??

    56k on my 05.5 and my mileage has been down slightly the last 2 weeks (6 tanks of fuel) 49mpg to 42mpg. I have been running the a/c more but it seems to be a pretty big drop.
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    Emissions workshop light P2112

    I have a 2005.5 Jetta TDI Pkg 1 with 51K ( ya just out of warranty) Last week I had the emissions workshop light come on while running down the highway. The car ran fine so I pulled the ground off the battery and let it sit for a while and reconnected to clear the codes. I did this so I could...
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    PD engines running B100

    I have a 05.5 and am just turning 50K the car is almost a year old. I run 2 tanks of B99 every month just to keep things cleaned out and have had no problems. My PD seems to really like the bio, the first tank of regular fuel after the bio seems to pick up 2-3mpg.
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    No DVD/Wrong DVD

    DVD? Which package has a DVD drive?
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    My 2006 is very hard to drive straight

    I had the same problem when mine was new, the steering wheel was also off center just a tad. The car would wander all over the place and seemed like it just never knew where it wanted to go. I took it back to the dealer to have the wheel straightened, when it came back the wheel was straight...
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    Fuel Filter Change

    Just did mine @ 38K and it was black too, the job is easy I hope the wifes bug is too.
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    Poor FM reception??

    The metal in the tint film kills the reception, you can get a non-metal film but it doesn't last as long. I was looking for an external antenna but couldn't find one.
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    My worst tank

    WOW I thought it was bad when I only got 42. Most of the time I average 46-47, but I commute 300 miles/day @80mph.
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    What's your mileage now????

    34586 since June-20-05, average 47 when it's not raining and 42 when it rains hard. The only thing I can attribute the mileage dropping when it rains hard is that I don't use the cruise.
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    Fuel Filter Change...

    Glad I read this I have 32K on the car and I guess it is ready to be changed.
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    OWNERS...Check your oil level before leaving dlr!!

    I wish my dipstick had the white in the middle.
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    Biodiesel is cheap in Salt Lake City

    Are the bio sellers keeping the tax credit and if so can we apply for it? The guy selling bio in Linnton just keeps raising his prices, it is lower now but only because he thinned it out for the winter. If they are not going to pass on the tax credit they should get hammered.