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    Idle smooth running control

    Hi. A friend of mine is thinking about buying a (used) VW passat 2002 1.9TDi 4motion 130HK PD engine (don’t know the engine code, but maybe ATM or something, it’s at least the PD 130HK 310NM engine). But I scanned the car, and got some “abnormal” (I think) readings from the “idle speed...
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    505.01 or 506.01 ?

    Hi. I have a Audi A4 1.9TDi avant quattro with a 115HK PD (ATJ) engine. The sticker on the engine hood says I should use 505.01 oil. But the car's "user manual" says I can use both 505.01 and 506.01 oil. I drive in Norway, where there is a lot of snow in the winter. Normally gets down to...
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    Replace timing belt on Audi A4 1.9TDi (PD)

    Anyone with experience on replacing the toothed timing belt on a 1.9TDi PD (ATJ) engine ? My manuals tells me I need some special tools like the "Pin wrench 3212", "3359 rig pin", "pin wrench 3387", "locking plate T10008", and "crankshaft stop T10050". But is this tools absolutely nescessary...
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    2005 Passat with confusing engine code and CC

    Hi there. According to the information I have collected from the service book on a 2005 passat the car has AVF (1.9TDi PD) engine. But according to the information I have there is no AVF engine on 2005 passat ? We are about to fit CC to the car, and want to confirm the wiring. According to my...
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    Loss of power

    Hi. A friend of mine has a passat (well, almost all of my friends have a passat :) ). The car is running fine most of the time. But sometimes there is a lack of power in first and / or second gear (as if the turbo was not kicking in). And today when we testdrove it (my friend was driving and I...
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    Does this EGR valve needs to be replaced ?

    Have a look at this two pictures: The EGR valve is leaking oil, and there is really a mess on top of the engine, and below the EGR valve (there is more than you actualy see on the pictures). So I guees...
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    Passat 1.9TDi 95KW, is this normal ?

    Hi. I friend of mine has a 2001 VW passat 1.9TDi (AVF engine code). I have done some work on this car now, and changed a "magnetic vacum valve" that had a bad sealing. I have logged boost pressure (and more), and everything seems fine. But there is really a change in acceleration at...
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    Passat suddenly losing power

    Hi. A friend of mine have a VW passat 2001, TDI PD, not sure how big the engine is, but there is two red letters in the "TDI" on the back of the car. My friend reports to me that the car is suddenly loosing power (at first I thougt it was going into limp mode, but I'm not sure about that...
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    Servo problem

    Hi. I have a friend with a 2001 (I think) VW Passat 2.5 TDI (V6). Today the steering wheel suddenly got really hard to turn (the servo was not helping, I guess). The servo oil pump is turning, and the servo seems to help a little (since the steering wheel gets a little easier to turn when we...
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    Electrical problem, Audi A4

    We have a audi A4 1.9TDi avant quattro 2001. The engine code is ATJ. I'm about to install cruise control, and I'm about to run the powerwire up to the stack. I was a bit stupid and had forgot to disconnect the battery when I was looking on the back of the fuse compartment, so I shored on of the...
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    Audi A4 and missing GP fault code

    We have a 2001 audi A4 1.9TDi avant quattro (8D) which was really hard to start when it was -18°C last night. I checked the Glow Plugs with a multimeter and one of them showed 0.609 M ohm, one 24 ohms and the two others was normal (almost shorted). So I changed them, but is it normal that one...
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    Audi A4

    This is our new audi A4 1.9TDi avant quattro 2001.
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    Cruise control on Audi A4 ?

    We bought a Audi A4 1.9TDi avant quattro (have a look at it here ) about two weeks ago. It's a 2001 (8D) without cruise control. But I know that you can activate cruise control with VAG-COM on some models. Can I just buy a new light switch (with cruise control button on) and activate the cruise...
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    Shiftpoint analysis

    I have read this post: shiftpoint analysis But I don't understand how to log the numbers needed. When I look at group 005 under "engine" it reads: engine speed, start inj quantity, start synchro and coolant temperature. And I guees none of this would be of any use to calculate the optimal...
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    Anyone in Wichita ?

    Is there any active members of TDIclub that is located in Wichita in the US ?
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    Starting "problem"

    Starting \"problem\" My 2001 Audi A4 1.9TDi (8D) is abit "harder" to start when its cold than I expected. Its about -3 to -10 degress C now, and in the morning I have to crack the engine about 3-5 seconds before the engine continues to run when I release the key. May this indicate that the...
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    Remove AC on A4

    Hi. I want to pull out my climate controll panel on my Audi A4 1.9TDi 2001 mod. (8D). I have manage to remove most of the things around the panel, but the climate panel itself seems to be stuck. I can't figure out how its locked into the consoll. Take a look at the picture below: Can...
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    MAF question (correct or not correct)

    I¨'m looking at group 003 on engine module on my 2001 Audi A4 1.9TDi PD. It says "Engine speed", "MAF specified", "MAF actual" and "EGR duty cycle". When the engine is idling, the MAF specified is indicating 250 and MAF actual is aorund 250 (230 to 255 or something). BUT, when the engine has...
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    VAG-COM and serial port on laptop

    I bought the serial version of the VAG-COM cable. But it wont work with my USB -> serial port adapter (docking station from elitegroup). It works perfectly with my desktop PC (which have serial port on the mainboard). So, I have to decide if I should go for a PCMCIA card with serial port, OR...
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    Fault code - central locking

    I scanned my new car (2001 A4 (8D) 1.9TDi) today, and this fault code popped up: 01367 - Central Locking Pump Run Time Exceeded (Likely Leak) 35-00 - - Anyone knows what the problem is ? Where to look, and what to look for.