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    FS 1999.5 TDI Jetta part out/ manual transmission swap

    Parting out entire car, so if you are interested in a specific part just message me. I will update post with a pictures folder soon. Car has a clean title, so would entertain selling the entire car minus the long beaches. Buyer would need their own rims to purchase. Would not come with an...
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    1999.5 map senors

    The car is a 1999.5 jetta, there seems to be 2 map sensors one on the intercooler and another on a plastic boost hose. The one on the plastic pipe has wires and a plug on it and the one on the intercooler has no wires going to it and never has. The car ran find forever like this. Was this...
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    FS: AHU pierburg air mass sensor

    I ordered a new one because i thought mine was broken. Installed the new one and the car still only gets power when the MAF is unplugged. So I think its just a crack in the pesky plastic inlet pipe to the turbo. So my loss is your gain. I ripped the cover off so that will not come with the...
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    FS: 1997 AHU passat turbo

    The car had 198,000 when the turbo was removed. Bearings spin smooth in the turbo. I think the seals just went, about half a quart of oil came out the intercooler piping when removed. my ebay name is DavidPLong for feedback 300obo does not come with oil lines
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    WTB: ALH egr valve

    I need just the egr valve. Thanks