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    2005.5 MK5 Parts

    I'm parting out my totaled 2005.5 MK5 package 2. The car is black with tan interior. The car has passenger side and front damage. Most parts on the car are available. Send me a message with anything you need or any questions you may have. Thanks!
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    Castrol SLX Professional LL03 5W-30 (504.00/507.00) Oil

    I have available for sale 15 sealed quarts of Castrol SLX LL03 5W-30 oil. This oil meets VW standards 504.00 and 507.00 and is good for all newer CR engines. These came from my late Father-in-law's garage. I'm asking $8 per quart. I live in Tabernacle, NJ and work in Hamilton, NJ (Mercer...
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    York, PA TCA Meet 4-20-07

    Spotted a blue A4 Jetta Wagon with CT plates this morning in the parking lot of the York Fairgrounds at the York TCA meet. Also spotted a blue A4 Jetta sedan with PA plates in the afternoon. I bought enough trains for one day (unless money starts growing on trees)! If you're out there, hope...
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    2006 Jetta Parts FS

    I installed the EMT foglight kit last fall and now I've got a few A5 parts for sale off a 2006 Jetta TDI. I'm planning on moving soon and have to clear stuff out. $15 - OEM Headlight Switch - P/N: 1K0 941 431 F (no foglight control or auto headlights, just on and off) $15 - Lower driver's side...
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    Thanks - A5 on I-95 N

    I was driving home from Longwood Gardens this evening around 6ish and when I was merging from 322 onto I-95 N, another blue A5 let me switch lanes in front of him. Sure enough, spotted the TDI badge when he passed. Whoever you are, thank you for waving us in.
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    I-95 Sighting, Mercer County, NJ

    Saw a Blue A4 Golf with PA plates on I-95 south between exits 1 and 2 at about 5 or 5:15 pm today. Also had a blue B4 Passat wagon with NJ plates behind me just a minute or two earlier for a short while starting just past exit 3. It was difficult to tell if the badge on the front of the Passat...
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    More Central NJ sightings

    I got tied up with the holiday weekend, but saw a few last Thursday. These were from my drive home along Route 130 in East Windsor. The first was a Green A3 crossing over 130 on Hickory Corner Road at about 5:30. The second was a Green or Blue B5 wagon was passed me headed south as I waited to...
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    Black Jetta A4 - Nami Lane - Hamilton, NJ

    I was leaving for lunch on Wednesday (March 29) and as we were driving through the parking lot I noticed a Black Jetta A4 with Pennsylvania plates. When we came back it was gone. I work at 3 Nami Lane in Hamilton, NJ (Mercer County). Anyone know who this could be?
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    Central NJ sighting-Rt. 130

    I pulled up along side the exact same car as mine today on Rt. 130 in East Windsor...but I was in my other car, a white 98 Ford Taurus (figures). Oh well I did get to tell him his fuel door was open and exchange a few words. Anyone know who this is?
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    Breaking-in a car with Biodiesel?

    Are there specific guidelines for the use (or non-use) of biodiesel during the break-in period of a brand new TDI? I have some B100 which a friend picked up for me from a reputable bioD retailer. I would be mixing it with D2 down to a B20 blend for the winter and maybe run higher blends as the...
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    White Jetta spotted in Mercer County, NJ

    I was following/passing/in front of a white Jetta (A4) today a little before 6pm on Old Trenton Road/Edinburg Road from Hamilton into West Windsor. It looked pretty sharp and shiny, how do you keep it so clean?
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    HELP! Anyone have experience with VW buying back their car?

    Ok, I'm sorry if this is quite a long story, but I think the details may be important. You can skip to the last paragraph if you don't like the story :p November 1st, my A5 went in to have the passenger side rear wheel examined due to the fact that something was keeping it from spinning freely...
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    A5 Jetta iPod wiring harness

    Does anyone have any experience installing/using a wiring harness to connect an iPod to the A5 Jetta stereo? I have the in-dash CD changer and SAT radio. I am looking at the following two iPod interfaces:
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    2004 Passat TDI with 1.9 engine?

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of trying to help a co-worker purchase a Passat TDI. I found a Passat TDI listed with a 1.9 engine (as opposed to the 2.0) on ebay. I am basically trying to figure out if this ebay auction is real or a mistake. Does anybody know if VW released a few Passats...
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    funny noise when accelerating into a turn

    Hi everyone, I just got my A5 Jetta TDI about a week and a half ago and I'm really loving everything about it. It has Package 1 and Sirius, blue graphite exterior, and an anthracite grey interior. When I accelerate from a dead stop into a turn I hear this funny groaning noise coming from the...