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    Lf: Vcds hex-usb+can

    Looking for a Ross-Tech setup. Let me know. Prefer local (Ontario) but can receive in the US as well.
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    Dead Bluetooth on a 2010 Jetta

    So about 2 weeks ago my phone stopped connecting to bluetooth. When I press the button to start a voice command, it doesn't do anything. Tried another phone and can't detect the car via bluetooth either :( I thought maybe the module was hozed, so I bought a 9W7 module (to replace my US spec...
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    Keyless entry stopped working

    Guys, My 2010 Jetta TDI remote entry stopped working. I wish my wife hadn't lost her key else I would check it as well, but mine stopped working. I replaced the battery just in case it was that, but no change. The little red light lights up, but no one home. Won't lock, unlock, or open the...
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    Need 1 Continental Contiprocontact 225/45 R17 91H tire

    Guys, Hoping someone can point me in the best direction to try to replace the tire without getting hammered on cost. I live in a new housing development and I guess I got a nail in my sidewall sometime last fall. Car only had 10,000kms on it, so I'm thinking of just replacing the single...
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    Ideas for helping me turn off my freaking lights!

    apologize if this has been covered before.. i searched and didn't find what I was looking for. I have a 2010 Jetta TDI sedan, and I appear not to be able to remember to turn off the lights when I park it. I remember 95% of the time, but sadly its the 5% that makes for unhappy times :) At...
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    Recommendations on front fogs.

    I have a 2010 Jetta TDI (Sedan) and while the poor side of me wants to not meddle with the car, I'd love to get some front fogs on her. Does anyone have comments on this set? I think i'm looking at $250 for the kit plus $60 or so for the euro switch (of course they have to have 2190412...
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    3M clear bras? Recommended?

    I know there has been a bit of discussion on the past for tint and 3M. Hoping to hear from some owners of VW that have clear bra. Happy with the results? How much of your front end did you do? I really notice whatever they put on my moms car and this car I saw when I was driving around last...
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    1999.5 Jetta TDI w/287K $4500 OBO in Toronto

    She runs well, a little rough in the low rpms and a few rust spots. Other than that, a great car. 5spd 287K A/C runs cold Sunroof Heated Seats Power (driver) seat Silver w/ black leather Sirius (sportster 3) included single owner, no accidents 2 sets of tires (all season and winters, a-s on...
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    FS: 1999.5 Jetta TDI w/287K

    I'll post pictures next week, but I thought I'd put it out there before I get it on craigslist and kijiji and the like. She runs well, a little rough in the low rpms and a few rust spots. Other than that, a great car. 5spd 287K A/C runs cold Sunroof Heated Seats Power (driver) seat Silver w/...
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    News on 2009 Jetta TDI (Ontario-only)

    I know there is much banter in the news section on the 2009 Jetta, but you wade through 20 different topics and most of them are talking about the US. I'd like to know if anyone in Ontario has put a deposit down, what dealership, and did they have to pay over MSRP? Did the dealer give you an...
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    Broken Mirror -- Places/People that can fix?

    I've got a broken mirror housing (rather its almost broken off the car). I posted in the general forum, but now looking if some people have 'Ontario' specific advise. People/place where I might be able to get this done. The thought of removing the door to access the mirror would almost most...
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    Broken Mirror Advice

    I've got a cracked mirror (housing to car) -- it stays on, but I'm afraid some day it will fall off on the highway. Dealer has quoted 300+ to replace, but I'm tempted to get really good glue to hold it on -- but then I've heard thats a mistake if I need to replace the glass later on. I've...
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    Front Brake Job, Recos?

    Front brake rotors and pads need replacing and according to stealership they want $520 for it. Local non-vw shop thinks its a $320 operation.. any other recommendations or members that do this thing for other members? :) Live in Milton, work in Oakville Car is a 99.5 Jetta TDI so throwing...
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    Many MAF's

    My 99.5 Jetta TDI appears to eat MAF's for breakfast and I'm at the point where replacing MAFs doesn't seem like the correct way to clear a CEL. In the 7 years I've had the car, the first lasted 4 yrs.. subsequently they seem to last anywhere from 1 month to 12 months. CEL code speaks to MAF...
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    Who can install my seats for me?

    In GTA, and I have a 1999.5 with cloth, no heated seats, no power. Got some GLX leather & power. I need to either buy and supply to someone or have them source the wiring required & switches. Anyone know of a good shop that could handle this for me? Or even better, I buy all the parts and...
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    WTB: Black heated leather for MKIV Jetta

    Looking to purchase front & back for a MKIV Jetta. Black only, preferably close to toronto but will drive for the right deal. Especially if seller can lend a hand installing. Must have heated seats & airbags in. I'll figure out how to retro heaters later to get the switches added.
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    LF: Roof Rack for 2000 Jetta / Kayak & Bike Holder

    I'll take it all. In canuckia needing a roof rack, and the accessories for carrying 2 bikes & 2 kayak's (not at the same time!) Let me know!
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    My Jetta Failed Me.

    Well, she went 4 years without a hint of giving me problems, but boy did i get it in spades with my trip out to Windsor this weekend. Between the service and reception I filled up at a Petro Can (my TDI hasn't seen anything but Sunoco Gold in 2 yrs) and 10km later on the expressway the car lets...
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    Aftermarket Sunroofs Revisited

    I did a search and Aftermarket sunroofs were looked into in 1999. Just looking for some new advice, and hopefully someone that has *recently* experienced a aftermarket sunroof. Has anyone in the Toronto area had this done. I went by a shop in the area last week and they were doing about 10...
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    Some Ass Scratched My Baby

    Saturday afternoon in front of my parents house between 2-5, some jerk came by with a key and left a scratch from front to back. Anyone else experienced such poor luck? How was the car after they did it. There is also going to be a fight with my insurance company as the place i want to take it...