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    Glow Plug code

    A scan of my system after the engine light on my dash appeared, I have two plugs potentially burned out. CodeP0671 & P0673 tells me that both glow plug one and three appear to be malfunctioning. Since all my glow plugs were changed 6 months ago, I'm a bit surprised to experience such short life...
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    Cooling fan, burnt wire smell question

    I have a burnt wire smell under the hood by the front cooling fan (the larger one of the two fans). My mechanic inspected and said that the cooling fan motor is starting to burn out and is creating this odor. Will a fan motor make this smell before it gives out. The fan still starts up and...
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    Screeching anti shutter valve

    My anti shutter valve is making a screeching noise and wild vibrations when the engine runs and after shuts off for a few seconds. My check engine light has been flickering on and off for about a month, Auto zoned scanned the code to be a shutter valve in a stuck position. Does anyone know if...
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    NAPA online- brake pads

    Has anyone ordered brake pads from NAPA's website? They have front pads from $36.00 for & $29.00 for rears on an 06 Jetta. Is it possible to expect these prices to be correct? Most other TDI parts jobbers are selling pads for considerably more. The price is tempting, but I really don't want...
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    glow plug code P0672

    Auto zoned scanned my code and found that my number 2 glow plug circuit is acting up. I cleaned all the glow plug connections and applied electric grease, but my my check engine light is still on. I guess it's time to replace the #2 glow plug, no big deal. But could someone tell me if I'm...
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    Ignition/Clutch pedal interlock question

    My 06 Jetta TDI sometimes will not crank when I have the clutch pedal pushed down to floor and ignition/starter engaged. If I press the clutch down very hard a few times and hold it to the floor, then it will turn over and start. Is there an interlock switch that my be causing this problem...
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    engine light- throttle plate closed/stuck

    Does anyone have a pic of the throttle plate area in a 06 Jetta (5 speed)? My engine light keeps coming on and off again, and Auto Zone scanned the code, but i'm tring to find the correct part and location under the hood. If it's an electrical connecion thats come loose, that would be a...
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    Engine code TAC (throttle accuator control) please help

    My 06 Jetta, (stick shift) just threw a code and Auto Zone scanned the system for me. Looks like it's the TAC or trottle accuator control system being stuck closed. There is absolutley no performance loss at all, just a check engine light on the dash popped up. Has anyone walked down this road...
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    Need new brake pads- any suggestions??

    Its time to replace the brake pads on the 06 Jetta. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've enclosed a link from NAPA displaying their offerings for replacement pads. Does anyone have any experience with NAPA or in choosing a decent pad. I have 60K miles of service on mine and it's time for...
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    Replacing Headlight Bulb in A5

    Does anyone have the correct procedure for replacing the front passenger side headlight bulb in a '06 A5 Jetta? Do you think it's worthwhile to replace both bulbs at this time as well? Last week the tail light bulb blew, this week it's the headlights. Does VW have bulb life issues? Thnx
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    Dash warning lamp (burnt bulb)

    Hey All- I cannot seem to find the burnt out bulb in my A5- I've been searching since the dash warning lamp came on notifying me of a bulb which is out? All my headlights, tails, blinkers, high beams, reverse seem to be in order. Does anyone know how many bulbs are in the eye level brake lights...
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    2003 Honda Accord power window prob

    My dad has a 2003 Accord which has performed flawlessly for the past 5 years. Yesterday, his front passenger side power window will not activate or move when you press on the door or master control button. I hear a slight click by the passenger door window when you press the button (door or...
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    Door & Dash Rattle

    My 06, A5 Jetta has developed a door or dash rattle when the temperature drops below 61 degrees. When the air temp warms up, the rattle goes away. As the weather is growing colder by the week, it's time to eliminate this annoyance. Not sure if its in the drivers side door or drivers side front...
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    2009 TDI engine oil

    Does anyone know what spec engine oil VW recommends for the new 2009 TDI ?
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    Alarm issue

    Alarm & locking issue For some reason, I cannot unlock my A5 Jetta using the remote key fob? I can lock the car, pop the trunk & use emergency alarm, but it will not unlock the car? I must insert the key in the door to disengage the alarm and open the lock- does anyone have any thoughts to what...
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    vw approved 505.01 oil list?

    Does anyone have a copy of the latest certified 505.01 oil list from VW?? Thnx
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    anyone with a 2006 Jetta TDI in NJ- please read

    My dealer replaced my DMF (flywheel) and clutch assembly, but my car still makes a clunking noise when I shut it off. Has anyone with a 2006 Jetta TDI experienced this problem as well? I would like to show the dealer another 2006 Jetta TDI with a stick shift how quietly these cars shut down...
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    DMF replacement of new design

    Local dealer just replaced my 06 Jetta's DMF (dual mass flywheel) and full clutch assembly this week under warranty. The car started making a funny vibrating noise when shutting down- it has 44k miles. The dealer mentioned that the replacement DMF is of a new design, had a different part number...
  19. S shipped wrong fuel filter

    Does anyone have exprerience in dealing with returning parts to They shipped me the incorrect fuel filter. I've e-mailed and telephoned Peter, but have yet to hear back from him. I have an '06 A5 Jetta, don't know which filter they sent me? I need the one with the blue gasket and rimmed...
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    Air intake for a/c & ventilation system in car

    Does anyone know where the intake is for the ventilation system on a 06 A5 jetta? It's not under the dash by the foot wells?I want to spray some lysol cleaner into the ductwork and receiver to help eliminate the mold smell when I put the a/c on. Thanks!