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    97 B4 Passat + B4V Donor, Montgomery County MD

    1997 Passat, Windsor Blue, 100somethingsomething miles. This was my daily driver for many years, until things started to go south and I couldn't keep up. It ran strong when I parked it 4 years ago, and I started it last year and ran pretty rough, but until I get a battery charger on it I can't...
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    Thinking about buying - opinions?

    My experiment with non VW diesels is about to end, and I am thinking about buying a 2013 Passat SE with a 6 speed manual. The following is a history report on the one I'm considering: Date/ Location/ Odometer/ Data Source/ Details...
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    Image link testing

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    Feeler: 2002 Golf 4Dr, seized engine, in Maryland

    Well, it happened. My ex wife got the Golf in the settlement and proceeded to run it dry of oil, then overfill it, then blow a seal (I think), and now the engine won't turn over. As much as it pains me I cannot feasibly repair it - I already have a 97 Passat basket case in the garage. Here...
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    Feeler: 97 B4 Passat with BONUS parts car!

    Feeler: 97 B4 Passat with B4V parts car in Maryland I'm thinking about getting out of the B4 game, much to my sadness. The main vehicle is a 97 B4 sedan, Windsor Blue (mostly), with something over 200k mikes (The odometer stuck on 149k a while ago - have the VR6 cluster for the MFC upgrade)...
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    Feeler: 97 B4 Passat, Tornado Red, 188k, SE PA, body rough

    ***SOLD*** Dad put it on the lawn - gone in a day. Thanks everybody. My dad is looking to sell his B4. The following is his description: I have pictures, but they are pretty big and I need to shrink them. It would be an excellent donor for a swap, or an easy project car. Looking for...
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    Parting Out 1995 Passat B4 Wagon, VR6, auto, 122k, green

    I'm parting out a 95 Passat B4V, green, VR6, auto. I bought it for parts to upgrade my 97 sedan, and want to see the rest of the good stuff get a new home. I'll ship smaller parts, possibly for larger depending on circumstances. The following items are already off the car and immediately...
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    Feeler: Passat B4

    My Dad is thinking of selling his B4 TDI. Tornado red with sunroof. His description: "186,000 miles. No problems with engine, starter replaced, new rear brakes new front tires, battery less than 1 year old. Interior is worn pretty hard, cloth not leather. Upgrade radio and wheels Some...
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    FS: Parting Out 95 GLX Wagon

    Okay, I need to get rid of this thing - the code inspectors are coming. Major parts I still have: engine $500 Good AT: $300 Rear Hatch: $75 Sunroof Assembly, complete: $100 Tan rear cargo compartment cover with rails: $75. Parts that are spoken for: Seats, suspension, brakes, RF fender, RR...
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    95 Passat Wagon GLX Part Out

    I finally got my parts car home and thought I'd post it here before putting it up on Vortex. It is a VR6, Auto, 177k miles, Green, Sunroof. The following are NOT available: Seats and Carpet Suspension, Brakes, Wheels RF Fender RR Door (Promised to someone else here) LF and RF door cardsThis...
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    Multiple cooling system problems

    I've been dealing with a slow leak in my 97 for a while now. It's located at or near the plastic hydra-headed fitting at the head, and was just weeping - fill the tank with distilled water 1x/month and I was fine. Fast forward - the leak is getting worse, and now the car is overheating as...
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    Strange Starter Problem

    I have a problem on my 97 B4 that I thought was glow plug related, but now I know it isn't. When I try start the car, the engine does 0-2 rotations, then I hear a slight grinding and then the starter whirring without turning the engine. I release the starter switch, and the whirring winds...
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    VNT Actuator and Air Mass Wackiness

    I went to get my intake manifold replaced today by M I N I O N - I was low on power, going into limp mode on boost, and unplugging the MAF was inconclusive. I figured that the intake manifold might be clogged, and he had a clean one and offered to replace it for a quite reasonable sum. The job...
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    Motor Mounts - Swap Rubber for Hydraulic?

    I understand that the rear mount for A3's (Hydraulic) will fit on a B4 (Rubber). Has anyone done this? If so, results good or bad? I don't want to re-swap later. Thanks R2.0
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    Brake Pedal Issues

    Clutch Pedal Issues [sorry about the whole "brake" thing" Sooo, I'm pulling away and depress the clutch...and it stays there. I manage to push it into an adjacent parking lot, dive under the dash with the screwdriver from the spare wheel tool kit, and found that the spot welds holding the...
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    Installing A4 cartridge filter setup on B4?

    So there's a guy selling an A4 TDI filter housing on the Vortex, and I'm really eyeing it up for my B4. Has anyone tried this? I know I would at least need an adaptor plate between the old style block and the new housing, but that isn't insurmountable. More worried about clearance, Clarence...
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    Help - Storage/Garage needed in Suburban MD.

    So not only was my sweet 3 car garage I was renting condemned for the ICC, but the guy I was negotiating with on another space bailed on me after a month of dithering. So now I'm in a bind: it's 2 months until the bulldozers show up at my old space, and I can't afford a commercial storage unit...
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    Heads Up: Bentley charging $45 for transfer

    So I bought a used A4 manual off a guy on Vortex for a reasonably good deal, and emailed Bentley to do the transfer. the last time I did this, with my B4 manual, they just verified the sale with the seller and generated a new key for me. This time, however, there is a $45 fee for the...
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    Search Syntax: Want all posts under certain criteria

    I'm trying to create my own "New Posts" search, with the same functionality but leaving out certain forums - for instance, I don't speak French, so a lot of the posts on the Quebec regional forum aren't very useful to me. I can do it via the Search function by selecting various options and the...
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    Bottom End dimensions for PD Engines

    Does anyone have bottom end specs for the later PD engines? Specifically, the rods: Big end diameter, big end journal diameter, bearing width, rod length? Thanks