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    Recommendation from anyone who has used the TDI trusted mechanic list.

    Check with Rich at Fiux Haus. Comes highly recommended.
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    Dropping MPG; Need Suggestions/Confirmation

    Great Responses Hey everyone, thanks for all of your answers. And especially to annieneff. Your post took some time and effort to put together. I really appreciate the comments. Looks like I have a decent week-end project on my hands. Luckily, it's supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend...
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    Dropping MPG; Need Suggestions/Confirmation

    Been a while since I've posted or been active here. Reason for that is "Life" and no issues with my sweet ride (03 TDI Jetta Wagon). Lately, I've been experiencing a drop in fuel economy. In the past I was averaging 37 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway which would average out to 42 mpg...
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    tdi automatic transmissions

    Here's the Skinny on Auto Transmissions 1999 to 2003; all automatics were the 01M version. With proper maintenance; ie; regularly scheduled fluid and filter changes @40,000 miles will greatly improve the probability that the transmission will perform for many 100s of thousands of miles...
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    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    Rich, x2 what Rory wrote. Is there anything from Portland Marcell would like or would help him out in lifting his spirits? Let us know before you see him. So we can send it along with you.
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    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    Need Marcell Updates, PLEASE His health status has been on my mind, too. C'mon Rich, give us an update.
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    FS: 2003 Jetta Wagon, manual, 133k miles, new turbo and timing belt, traction $12500

    Nice Wagon Looks well cared for. How do you keep your headlight lenses so frikking clear!!??? Out here on the West Coast, prices for a 5spd manual trans. Jetta Wagon TDI will be around $9.5K to $11K. And that's if you can even find one for sale. $12.5K for a car in the Midwest with the kind...
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    Diesel in tiguan ever???

    The DSG is perfectly capable of handling TDI levels of torque and all wheel drive. Being somewhat of a neophyte to the gasser line-up of VWs, I guess I swallowed that explanation hook-line and sinker from my "Sales Consultant". Anyway, I agree with the consensus of everyone here; I'd love it...
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    Diesel in tiguan ever???

    RE: Tiguan I just picked up a Tiguan over the New Year's weekend. Being a true-blue diesel diehard, I, too, was hoping for a TDI version here in the States. But..... The gasser model equipped with the 2.0T 4Motion and Tiptronic transmission is pretty impressive. The reason VW opted for the...
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    Just Gotta Rave!!: Non TDI VW.....

    My trusty old 1992 Isuzu Trooper bought the farm Sat. night. Very sad. She just up and died. No one was hurt, no metal was bent, she went up in flames. Needed a replacement vehicle ASAP. It was the wife's get-around town car. We found a sweet lease return Tiguan with just a shade over 22,000...
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    01 TDI tranny auto replacment

    RE: Previous Post; OOOOPS! On second thought, maybe you don't know about the 01M transmission. I got confused with your "01" title. Now I get it. You have a 2001 Jetta. Anyway, you ought to read up on the benefits of swapping the auto to a manual. PLUS............, I'd be very leery that the...
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    01 TDI tranny auto replacment

    If you've done any research on the transmission, which seems like you might have. Given the fact you can identify the model # of the ALH tranny; 01M. Why not replace the auto transmission with a 5spd. manual or a 6spd. manual? It's a perfect opportunity. I'm waiting for the day my 01M craps...
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    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    RE; Marcel Man, I should be visiting the "Club Site" more often. I had no idea that Marcel was ill. Damn!! He's a very special guy. Known him and Rich since I first got my wagon 6 years ago. I love the Fixum Haus guys. So sorry to hear about Marcel health. I don't do Pay Pal, but I'm going...
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    A Lot Of Windshield Condensation At Night.

    RE; Condensation Here in Oregon, its been a pretty wet fall/early winter. Even with no leaks in my cabin, I bring enough moisture into the car from wet shoes to wet rain shell. I sometimes have the same experience with window fogging. I crank the fan up to 4, set the dial to defrost and run...
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    August 4, 2012 - What was once 'Westfest', now Fixum/BoraParts Summer GTG!

    So Bummed!! So bummed out, man, that I had to miss this year's GTG. This has been one whirlwind summer for ol' Whyfish. Haven't even had an opportunity to go fishing!! But family first. Was in LA over the weekend of the 4th attending a family wedding. Good times, but missed the smell of...
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    2003 Jetta TDI GL wagon with Greasecar conversion, 100k miles, $8,000, Boston

    Ummmmmmmmmmm.......... There's way more issue to consider in purchasing this vehicle and applying for temporary tags. Maintenance history, anyone? "But hey", it's an 03 wagon at a decent price.
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    Auto tranny

    70K on an 01M is not a lot of miles. You'd be surprised how much torque your 01M can take. Don't listen to the Debbie Downers on this site regarding the 01M. I put PP357 nozzels on my 03 TDI equipped w/ the 01M and had a mild 1+ chip programmed into the ECU. I'm at 140K right now and have...
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    Need Help Finding a Trusted Mechanic

    My daughter is in L.A., going to school and she owns a 2000 2.SLO gasser Jetta. I'm in Oregon and can't get down there to help with her maintenance need. Hoping to get a few references or suggestions as to where she could take her car for some preventitive maint. Car needs oil change, brake...
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    Battery goes dead every few weeks so car does not start

    Something else to consider: If the battery cables are older (original) there could be a problem with the connectors not being fully in contact with the battery posts. We have a Trooper that doesn't get a lot of use and just sits, undriven, for as long as 2 weeks. Got tired of having to jump...
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    Central Oregon Cruise

    Anyway, When is the Fourth of July this year? It usually falls on the fourth day of July!! Couldn't suck more this year; it is Wednesday.