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    How long til loan payoff after buyback?

    For the people who have already turned in their TDI (with a loan obviously) : How long did it take for your vehicle loan to show paid off after your buyback appointment? Thanks!
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    VWGoA – Online Claims

    I've spoke with 4 customer service agents now. First one hung up on me after I explained the situation. Second one told me the 30% is already included in the vehicle return amount on my claim(uhhh wrong?) Third one didn't have a clue. She kept putting me on hold to ask her manager questions...
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    VWGoA – Online Claims

    I have a 2015 Golf, I bought in March of 2015, and paid 30k after extended warranty, taxes, etc. I can't believe its only worth 16k 6 months later (September prices) I owe 26,287 currently. Anyway, I guess I'm still confused with the Loan forgiveness. The preliminary approval that came out on...
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    VWGoA – Online Claims

    When I put in my information it shows that I'll owe money. I thought they were offering loan forgiveness up to 30% of Vehicle Value + Restitution?
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    VW TDI goodwill package: Offers $500 Visa cards & $500 dealer credits to TDI owners

    I talked to a VW salesman today in Urbana, IL and he also said a few people came in last week to activate their cards. Excitingggg!