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    2005.5 MK5 Parts

    I'm parting out my totaled 2005.5 MK5 package 2. The car is black with tan interior. The car has passenger side and front damage. Most parts on the car are available. Send me a message with anything you need or any questions you may have. Thanks!
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    Flat Lining: One Third of 2015 Vehicles Missing Spare Tire

    I insist on a full service spare tire in every vehicle I own. My wife had a piece of road debris fly up into her lane. She hit the debris and it ruined the rim and tire. A can of fix a flat would have been useless. My Father had a tire de-tread on his motorhome in South Carolina. He was...
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    The hysteria is pretty amazing. I had mentally decided a while ago that when the time came I would replace one of my Jettas with a Passat and one with a Sportwagen. If I had to replace a car tomorrow, I'd still be looking for a low mileage used TDI. Drive more, worry less! I think most of...
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    Sell or keep my 06 Jetta TDI?

    Fix it! Get a good cam in there and you'll never have this problem again. Both of my BRMs had cams replaced and I feel it was the best decision.
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    Diesel Doldrums: Fuel's Cost Could Dampen Diesel Interest for Years?

    Nobody is happy with the price, I can't disagree with that. Here in NJ I'm watching the D2 price rise faster than the RUG price. What does make me happy is the fact that I have 2 high mileage TDIs in the driveway that show no signs of quitting. Try to get over 300k out of many is...
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    A5 with high miles - 300K+

    The 2005.5 driven by my wife (formerly driven by my late Father-in-law) hit 300k just last Thursday. Ironically it was also the 2 year anniversary of his death. As far as maintenance highlights, yesterday it had the 4th (and final for now) wheel bearing replaced. Front brakes done 292k, rear...
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    Castrol SLX Professional LL03 5W-30 (504.00/507.00) Oil

    The oil is still available. I'm not really interested in shipping it. I was looking for a local meetup/pickup anywhere between the two locations listed above. I also have an opened bottle of this oil that is about 3/4 full. I'll throw it in for free if you buy all 15 sealed quarts.
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    What's the better family car?

    I'll weigh in on this one... Our Jettas can fit 3 car seats (if the right seats are selected) but they are not ideal for long trips. We had to use one of the Jettas twice for a long trip (~150 miles) due to temporary issues with the minivan. We survived both of those trips. The Jetta trunk...
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    Castrol SLX Professional LL03 5W-30 (504.00/507.00) Oil

    I have available for sale 15 sealed quarts of Castrol SLX LL03 5W-30 oil. This oil meets VW standards 504.00 and 507.00 and is good for all newer CR engines. These came from my late Father-in-law's garage. I'm asking $8 per quart. I live in Tabernacle, NJ and work in Hamilton, NJ (Mercer...
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    passat in Snow

    AMEN! I have Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires on the 2005.5. I went to my company holiday party on Saturday night and we had snowy/icy conditions. The driveway of the place had a long steep hill. I watched several vehicles spin their wheels and some even started to slide backwards down the hill...
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    TDI mechanic near NYC?

    If you are closer to the Jersey Shore, you should give JA Autowerks in Shrewsbury a call at (732)-268-7381. John's diagnostic skills are top notch.
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    Anyone else had headliner issues?

    MonsterTDI09...let me know the name of the place. I'm in Tabernacle so I'm not that far away. I'm checking out Ed's Trim Shop in Hainesport after work. I'll let you know what I find there.
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    Anyone else had headliner issues?

    Has anybody found a good independent shop to work on these headliners in the Central/South New Jersey region?
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    Buses at Disney World

    A bus driver had told me they were trying "experimental fuels" in a select few buses about 5 or 6 years ago. I don't know if this was derived from waste veggie oil or something else.
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    In Search of TDI Mechanic in PA

    Did you consider talking to John @ JA Autowerks in Shrewsbury, NJ? He's a good guy, but not close to Lock Haven.
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    Driving from non-bio state to bio state

    I travel to Pennsylvania somewhat frequently and have not had any problems switching back and forth between the D100 I usually buy in NJ and the B2 available in PA. I would gladly use B5 all the time if it were more convenient.
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    Manual Tranny Oil level

    I agree adding the specified amount of oil through the reverse switch is precise, I'm trying to find a way to add oil when doing a routine check. For example, the level of my tranny oil is low now, and it is not time to change it. I'm just looking to add enough fluid to bring it up to the...
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    Manual Tranny Oil level

    How low on tranny fluid does an inch too low make it? Why not fill it up to the bottom of the fill plug, then jack the front of the car up or run it up on ramps and add X amount of fluid through the fill plug again? The fill plug is in the front of the transmission housing so that might work...
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    Warm Misfire

    My fiance's Father's 2005.5 had a similar shimmy going on it and it turned out to be a defective DMF. Fortunately, the dealership replaced everything under warranty.
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    Fuel Filter cover screw

    I stripped one last time I changed the fuel filter, but Advance Auto Parts had bolts of the same size in stock (standard hex head...not a torx head). I've since changed out all of the torx bits for these replacement bolts. I WAS using a Torque wrench and tightening the bolts in the star...