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    Upgraded TDIClub forums

    Looks great !. Just ordered a fresh TDI club hat Thanks !
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    Sweet! Time to start ordering stuff.

    I checked my car, the harness for that heater enters the boot / connector just to the north east in your photo. Slide the boot off that connector and you should find the other end of that cut harness. About your intake, how thick was the buildup ?
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    Looking for 16" OEM VW "Bugatti" wheels

    I sent you a PM with a tip to source the wheels
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    Looking for 16" OEM VW "Bugatti" wheels

    I sent you a PM about the wheels
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    Smelly vent air, smells like decomposing animals... lol

    A couple things I would check are: Have you replaced the cabin air filter lately? Is there a collection of rotting leaf debris or mice under the plastic cover at the windshield base?
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    mk4 BEW tuning in ontario

    Coalroll: I don't have an answer for you but will suggest you post your question to the Ontario forum here:
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    Oakville VW Mechanic

    I recommend Reto at Lorne Park Car Centre near Clarkson Go stn. Royal Windsor and Southdown. I had my PD TDI timing belt there and front end work on a Mk3 ABA
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    ccv mod

    Take a look in the how to thread there are a few different set ups I'm using this one and it works very well:
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    Hengst Part #

    this site has them available to Canada and US as well...
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    Hengst Part #

    I don't have any Hengst on my shelf right now. Mann oil filter part number for BEW is HU 726/2 x
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    Code 2564, what is it?

    mctdi, thanks for posting the photos here. my symptom was MIL on and code 18996 - boost control position sensor circuit P2564 signal too low . after clearing, the MIL and same code returned with the next ignition on . a 18628 lambda sensor P2196 signal too high (rich) intermittent fault for...
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    Anyone Know A PD Injector Rebuilder In Ontario?

    not positive but these guys may be able to help you. i buy Stanadyne from them they are near Northfield and 85
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    Check engine light / need to pass e test

    engine light is still off
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    Check engine light / need to pass e test

    It all turned out fine so far. Well it was mild yesterday afternoon so I washed and waxed then took a look under the hood. Pulled the harness, cleaned the connector tops of the glow plugs with some emery cloth. Wiped clean and applied deoxit. Scrubbed the harness connector contacts with a rat...
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    Check engine light / need to pass e test

    Its e test and licence sticker time My check engine light is on, VAG com says its the glow plug fault. Its a bad glow plug harness as far as I know, it was on all through last winter and the engine starts easily Do I need a glow plug harness repair to put out the light before the garage will...
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    Stanadyne Cost

    KW injector service in Waterloo sells Stanadyne performance 64 oz 1.9 liter jug for $40.00
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    Where do you buy your engine oil?

    I buy my oil from Euroline in port credit. he sells Motul specific 505.01 for the PD and also has filters
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    Glow plug recall ?

    i received a letter from VW this past week, looks like glow plug and reflash recall is starting again.
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    Should I buy a TDI PD or wait

    My 05 Golf PD has 230,000 km on the clock using 505.01 oil on the intervals since new knock on wood
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    Glow plug recall ?

    I had a appt for the recall today. So when I showed up VW Waterloo told me VW has put the recall on hold, new plugs are burning up, ECU load problems, fried ECUs, and fault codes popping. I thougt I would wait til they got the bugs out and shure enough there are still bugs. Glad I didnt get it...