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    1990 Corrado TDI $3300

    1z tdi swap from 97 passat. 240k 5spd a/c delete 50mpg Driven daily no issues. clutch/flywheel/tb/wp all have less than 40k total since last completed. Located in Baltimore, MD link to google pics
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    1990 Corrado with 1z swap in MD $4500

    White exterior with red dot interior. Mechanically near perfect with a 1z from 97 passat swap and 5spd. Adjustable coilovers and 17inch wheels. Timing belt, water pump etc have all been serviced in last 30k. This is not a mint corrado but everything is working and in tact. Body is still solid...
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    2005 vw passat wagon tdi $2700

    *** I am advertising for the owner. His info is show at bottom of post** ONE OWNER. 175k. Currently the transmission is not moving when in drive. The trans was replaced at 90k with a Factory VW replacement ($3500 not including install). No one has scanned the computer however as the story goes...
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    FS: NEW 1z AHU INJECTION PUMPS 0460404970

    BRAND NEW Bosch Made. No CORE RETURN required. $970 + shipping. part# 0460404970 028-130-115-GX Should work for your passat/jetta 96-98 TDI's Buy @
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    tdi passat @ Crazy Rays Baltimore

    Word on the street is that there is a fresh complete TDI Passat at Crazy Rays in Baltimore.
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    FS: ALH TURBO and Manifold $175 shipped in MD

    FS: ALH TURBO and Manifold $250 shipped in MD Perfectly working used unit. Came to me from NGP Racing off a wrecked car. $225 no shipping. 038-253-019-AX 038-253-019-A 03G-253-016-K 03G-253-016-KX
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    GTD Emblems 5K0-853-675-T-739

    5K0-853-675-T-739 $31.89 shipped
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    Impex fest may 19, 2012

    I would consider this an unofficial thread but everyone has weddings, birthdays etc.. around this time so I wanted to give you all an early invite. WORLD IMPEX ANNUAL TDI FEST May 19, 2012 All day I personally designed this years t-shirt. R10 LeMans car theme. Hope you all like it. email...
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    mk4 jetta golf new stock strut $78 each

    Mk4 Jetta GOLF stock strut from VW. $78 a piece plus shipping. NEW. 1J0-413-031-BH
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    Hey this is Alex @ Worldimpex. Hoping there is no issue with this post I just wanted to let everyone know I am back here selling parts! Anyone in need of parts please feel free to call or email anytime 1-800-736-3550
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    water heater setup for mk4

    WE had this in the car but no longer are in need of it $38 shipped or come to worldimpex in baltimore and buy for $30. email
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    97 jetta tdi $2000

    Unless you are good with body work on rusted strut towers than this is a parts car. It is well worth the money. The car has 195k, last TB was done at 165k. Dealer ripped a friend off and I am trying to help recoupe. Car drives perfect and has 4 good tires and aftermarket drivers heated seat...
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    Site Traffic stats over the years

    I have been on this site for what feels like 10 years. The internet has changed much since then. I remember in 2002 bragging how the world's top forum was VWVortex, and second was TDIclub (over any other forum) [can't cite the source for the numbers] Then 2004 came around and blogs and...
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    Maryland: Experienced VW Audio installer

    I'm looking for anyone in the Maryland area (say up to 2 hours from Baltimore) who is experienced in installing aftermarket head units in MKIV Jettas. We do have local respected shop, Audio Connection. They match Crutchfield prices, but want 125 labor, plus the harness, cage and mounting kit...
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    What Fuse does the Running Light/Tail Light?

    Ok, I have looked at the fuse list in bentely 10 times, and searched pretty hard on here. And I can't figure it out. My right side running light is out and its not the bulb. Now what is weird too, and I must mention is that all within 1 week, I had noticed by right side city light (ecode) was...
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    FS: 16" OZ Ultraleggeras with tires 250$

    I know I posted about these below, but the tread got convoluted and my price has changed. I need to sell these today if possible, I got a buyer from vortex but he wants me to drive to newark, DE, not interested for what is pretty much a huge loss already. I bought these wheels just 3 years...
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    GTG at Impex this Saturday!

    Local Euro GTG at Impex this Saturday! This is Alex Pirpiris of World Impex (Sales). We totally forgot to cross post what is now our own local yearly event. Just as we let host a yearly GTG at Impex, United Euro Gruppe hosts this event now every June. I was there last year and it...
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    16" OZ Ultraleggera and Superleggera sets for sale, good deal!

    FS: 16" OZ Ultraleggera and Superleggera 250 and 500$ see update Let me start by reminding members here, the OZ "Leggera" line are famous for a few things. First, is that in 16" they weigh only 14.5 pounds, that is 7 less per wheel from stock 15". What it does is IMO give you an upper hand...
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    WTB: long block 1z ahu, alh

    LET ME CHANGE THE POST. I AM LOOKING FOR 1Z/AHU. NO ALH PLEASE. Looking for something with documented low mileage. Im in MD so I prefer something within reasonable driving distance (2-4hours). If anyone knows anywhere I should be looking (salvage yard etc.) please let me know.
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    1.6diesel techs in MD??

    Hi, I have a 1.6 turbo diesel in an 89 jetta that I can't get started. I can pull start it and drive it but it won't crank over from a stand still. Any reccomended mechanics in the Baltimore area?? Just so everyone knows. I checked the main fuse, 1 of 4 glow plugs (heated the garage to like 80...