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    Selling Passat-What Price?

    So I just got a new job where I won't need my Passat and decided I'm going to sell it. Boy, I love this car, but it just makes sense for me to sell it.....So, my question is, what would be a reasonable price to list it at? It's so new I can't find any data on values, there also are none that I...
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    Front Door Rattle- Help

    I've still got a rattle in my front passenger door area, the dealership has gone as far as replacing the door panel which still hasn't fixed the noise. I've got another appointment next week to take a drive with the service manager and was hoping I might be able to walk in there with some...
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    10,000 Mile Service-Fuel Tank Fill Issue

    I went to a different dealership for my first service and I was thrilled with the experience. The service guys were fine, but it was the tech that was outstanding, this guy listened and really cared about my concerns. Squeaky drivers seat: He ordered a new seat frame even though it wasn't...
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    Passat Burning Oil-Or Lack Thereof

    I'm approaching 10,000 miles and have been checking my oil level every fill-up, Looks like this car hasn't burnt a drop of oil, wondering what everyone else is finding.
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    Passat Active Regens - How Often [Fans run after shutdown]

    I was wondering if anyone has monitored their active regens on the 2012 Passat? Based strictly on seat of the pants observation, it seems like this Passat has way fewer active regens than my 2011 Golf did.
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    Passat MPG's - EPA Numbers - Huh?

    I've been thinking about the Passat's great fuel economy numbers and was wondering how in the heck does the EPA come up with their Fuel Mileage Estimates on new vehicles. The 6M Passat TDI is rated at 43mpg's on the highway, did they do this at 80-90mph, I mean come on, if I drive the car at...
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    UOA - Proper way to get sample?

    I want to start doing UOA's on my 2012 Passat from the first 10,000 mile change and was wondering what was the proper way to pull a many ounces? Also, what is the process? Does the company testing the oil send a container or do you just ship in your own?
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    How Long Does A Regen Last?

    I was just wondering how long/how many miles, does a typical regen last?
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    Mileage To Date-How Many Months-Major Issues?

    I know it is early, but......Just wondering what kind of mileage Passat owners have rolled up so far, and if there have been any issues of significance...........I'm at 6000 miles/2months old Saturday, no major issues.
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    Anti Gel Question

    Living in North Georgia we seldom see winter temps below the mid teens, most of the time it is 20-30's for the I really need to worry about anti-gel additives here?
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    2012 Passat HPFP - New Plumbing/Design?

    I thought I would attach this thread for your reading pleasure, there is some discussion about the 2012 Passat HPFP and its different looking plumbing, the last few posts discuss some of the possibilities for the change.
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    2012 6 Speed Manual Passat -DMF Clutch?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the 2012 manual Passat has a DMF clutch? I ask because many people have said the DMF is a big reason why they stall the earlier Jetta's and Golf's, and I have found the 2012 6 speed manual Passat very easy to drive, I've never stalled it and it seems really hard...
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    Just wondering what everyone is seeing relative to their mpg on these Passat 6 speed manuals....Highway/city/mix?
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    DSG Problems - 2009+ Models

    Just curious with the newer 2009+ TDI's how the DSG transmissions are holding up. How many miles before issues show up and what are the usual problems as well as the repair expenses expected. I realize that there are not that many out there with substantial miles, just wondering how the DSG is...
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    Manual vs DSG - Question

    I was considering a 6 speed manual in my next TDI thinking it would be a more reliable/durable/less costly unit. Besides the 40,000 mile extra maintenance cost and possibly slightly less mpg, do you think the DSG is really any less reliable than a manual? Seems like the manuals have their issues...
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    2011 Golf TDI - Thoughts

    I've got other cars in the driveway now....Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Toyota....and have had many other nice ones there before...Acura, Infinity,BMW, etc.... I had to drive a couple of the others this week as the wife had the Golf, I got back in the Golf this morning for my daily commute and was...
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    MPG Observations

    I've now got over 10,000 miles on my 2011 Golf TDI and there seems to be an interesting pattern that I've noticed, problem is I have no idea why it is happening......So, every 500-1000 miles or so I notice my mpg increase approx 10%, it is very obvious on my fuel computer and confirmed by hand...
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    10K Service- Dealer did things right

    I was reading the other 10K service thread(laughing) and decided to let those who care know that I actually was very pleased with my recent 10K dealer service. Proper oil and oil filter was used, the oil level was perfect, the car was washed and vacuumed, and everything looked clean. Of course I...
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    I/P Controls and Lights - What's This?

    Just got back from my 10,000 service and I noticed on the "Dealer Multi Point Vehicle Inspection Sheet" they noted in the box next to "IP Controls and Lights" that this area may require attention in the near future......Any ideas about what does this really means? Of course the dealer service...
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    First 10,000 mile service question

    Wondering if these are the proper part #'s for the oil and oil filter for my 2011 Golf TDI......oil G0521951L, new filter 071115562C. I'm getting it serviced this weekend and wanted to double-check. Also anyone know if there are any updates that need to be taken care of? Thanks