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    MK4/MK5/MK6 Parts Clearout - CHEAP!!!

    Contacted you via text about rear springs, still waiting for pics and shipping. Thanks.
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    MN Chat Thread

    Been trying to get a hold of Greengeeker via PM, but no response. Nick, if you are out there, send me a PM please!
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    MN Chat Thread

    A5 front wheel hub replacement Looking for someone to do a passenger side wheel hub replacement between Fridley to Cambridge area - i can drive to you. I've got the new hub & bolts, thinking I'd do the install, but have had NO time to do it. Anyone available to do this job for me?
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    MN Chat Thread

    Hehe - I didn't intended to question GG's reputation or expertise. I know you guys know your stuff. In the end, it's still my car and safety - and I'm pretty partial to my body parts - so just wanted to confirm. I do appreciate the help!
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    MN Chat Thread

    I'd planned on that, but is that sufficient? All DIYs I've read mention supporting the engine from above as well (for safety, and to keep engine from shifting for easier mount reattachment). Not necessary?
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    MN Chat Thread

    With the economy the way it is, I need to save every penny. So I'm considering performing the timing belt change on my A5 Jetta myself. This is not preferred, since I don't have the time to dedicate hours at a crack - so it's going to take me a few days to get it done. I've got the TB kit and a...
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    FS: MkV Jetta honeycomb upper grill and VW emblem

    GTI/GLI honeycomb upper grill for sale. It is currently Plasti-Dip painted matte black (shield portion and trim-stripe piece only). Stock chrome VW emblem is also included with the grill! Pic when it was on my Jetta: This was on my car for about a year. It is in very good shape with...
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    My 10' has a gremlin

    Um, the OP puts the apostrophe in the wrong spot in the title, and now his headrest is suffering from automatic overnight erection... too...many... jokes.......must... resist... temptation............ :p
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    Clean headliner fabric?

    That is great advice right there! What also helps is to use a "super absorbent" towel (high quality microfiber or "shamwow" material) that will wick the spot/dirt away from the fabric. Blot, don't rub.
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    lil' fender bender,inspections?

    Keep an eye on leaks under the car - the washer resevoir is located front left side if that was cracked. Obviously, radiator and intercooler are major concerns too.
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    Sunroof drains - help needed

    ^^ ditto... haven't attacked this yet, and really want to know where the drains are located!
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    Grinding noise around corner 06' TDI

    There is was an issue with clunk or grinding noises when turning full lock. I believe there is a TSB for an additive in the transaxle. Check this thread:
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    Sunroof drains - help needed

    Nope, not really. I mean, where do they drain to? I can see the drain holes in the sunroof, but cannot locate where the tubes ultimately exit. I've read the rears terminate somewhere near the rear wheelwells, and the fronts either near or along the front edge of the door jambs, or behind the...
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    Sunroof drains - help needed

    What luck... At the same time I received the VW class action letter about the leaky sunroof drain issue, I had some water on my passenger side a-pillar today from heavy rains. My passenger side drain appears to be not draining properly - but I can't find the drain nipple everyone has described...
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    fs: ColumnPod from NewSouth Perf. for Mk5

    NewSouth Performance offset ColumnPod for Mk5. This item is new, never installed. Looks just like this... shown on NewSouth Performance's website. I never bought a gauge for it, and have no time to get one and install it. Pod, elbow fitting, tube and decal included (no gauge). $28...
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    Wow. Maybe just for a spare?

    I've got an '06 - AUX jack wasn't available when I got my car so I went with a Blitzsafe unit. I have my MP3 player mounted on a dash-clip mount I fabricated, mounted on the left side of the radio (similar to a ProClip, which I have on the right side for my cell phone). It's a perfect...
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    Wow. Maybe just for a spare?

    Hey, for $40, it would be a good idea to buy one, tear down the faceplate and install a "built-in" Aux jack from my enfig pass-thru for an MP3 player, like VW should have in the first place.
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    Projector or regular fog lights

    For styling, the projectors look better, imho. Realistically, they supply marginal additional light, and mostly right down in front of the car. Your headlights are the best way to get the most light on the road. While HIDs are a hefty investment, alternatively, replace your headlight bulbs...
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    Who would go for this?

    ^ditto. For those of the "warranty persuasion", it's also nice to know you're getting a new car with all the nice bits already installed and covered by warranty (albeit with VW techs lurking in the service stalls). I think it's a step in the right direction. Now, if they'd just throw the AWD...