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    CP3 pump install - it’s installed

    For anyone that’s installed a CP3 pump on your CRUA, did you swap over a different pump gear? The kit I got from dark side has an adapter for a gear that bolts on to it but my factory gear does not bolt on. It’s two pieces but seems the first piece is pressed on to the shaft of the pump while...
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    FS: New Smart Acutator PD140

    I purchased a PD140 kit from a member here and he included the "dumb" actuator and the smart actuator that sells as an add on for $209 I went with the "dumb" actuator, have no use for this. Price is $185 shipped via USPS Priority Mail with insurance and signature confirmation, PayPal...
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    WTB: MFA Wiper Stalk (MKV)

    In need of a MFA wiper stalk for my 06. Let me know what you have. Thanks. -Mike
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    Steering Assist Failure 2006 TDI

    Last weekend i replaced the front and rear brake pads and rotors on my 2006 TDI. After I finished, i turned the car on, pumped the brake pedal as there was no pressure to it and a few seconds later the red steering wheel light came on along with a chime. I had zero assist, wheel was very...