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    Coding box grayed out?

    Thanks for the scan. This type of HVAC does not support Coding so the instructions you are trying to follow, only apply to some other types of car/module.
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    Coding box grayed out?

    Please post a complete AutoScan.
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    What VCDS ?

    You'll need to use Adv Meas Values since your engine controller is UDS as explained here: You can filter the list and create favorites:
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    can't adapt my instruments

    You have this?
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    No more USB Hex-cam? (or is this just news to me?) Also VCDS-lite question.

    Did you buy a HEX-COM in 2003? If so I believe that was $279 plus shipping.
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    No more USB Hex-cam? (or is this just news to me?) Also VCDS-lite question.

    From the page you linked: Also, just throwing this out there: 2004 prices: Golf TDI: $17,200 HEX-USB+CAN: $349 2015 prices: Golf TDI: $22,815 HEX-USB+CAN: $349 Difference: Golf TDI: $5,615 (+33%) HEX-USB+CAN: $0 (+0%)
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    Bod scan first use

    The order doesn't really matter and it should only take a few minutes. Make sure the ignition is turned on.
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    Reset Inspection Interval on 2015 A3

    Please run a controller channel map for Adaptation in 17-Instruments: Email the resulting file to:
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    vagcom problem too many communication errors

    As many people have already asked, please post a complete AutoScan. Here's a video that shows how to do it:
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    Strange Controllers in B5.5

    Those are both "ghost" controllers, that don't really exist but that the factory VW protocols (and scan tools) can ping for some reason. 33 is Generic OBD-2 so if you were using an old VAG-1552 you could check it by pressing 33 then Q. In VCDS the equivalent is to click on OBD-2 from the main...
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    Ross-Tech support validation

    What does your interface say on it, all of the writing? Even if you aren't the original purchaser we can help look into reasons why it might not work. Feel free to email instead of posting if you want.
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    Ross-Tech support validation

    Did you email ?
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    Ross-Tech support validation

    Try this if you are having trouble:
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    Ross-Tech support validation

    FYI, we received your registration form successfully and you are eligible for support. Thanks!
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    Skoda fabia CMM problem

    Any reason you are using a version of VCDS that's 7 years old? Please post a scan using Release 16.8:
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    DSG Fluid Change 2015 UDS

    UDS control modules do not use Meas Blocks, instead they use Adv Meas Values instead as explained here:
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    Alternative VAG scan tools

    You'd be amazed at some of what we see. :mad:
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    VCDS Issue on 2016

    Are you using Release 15.7.1? If not, then please update: I just tested on my 2015 Golf and it's working fine: If you encounter difficulties, please post a complete AutoScan from your car. Also, what are you specifically trying to change...
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    basic settings on vcds version 14 help finding fuel pump bleeding

    Blame UDS: To paraphrase Jim Morrison, "with UDS everything is simpler and more confused". This should be the procedure that you need...
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    98 mk3 jetta ahu vcds coding

    This is indeed weird. It's possible that if terminal 15 (switched power) and terminal 30 (unswitched power) are turned off at the same instant then maybe Adp wouldn't be retained? Does your trip odometer get reset when you shut off the key? You may want to check the wiring at the ECU to verify...