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    Wilmington, NC area warning

    I realize that one bad experience shouldn't be used to brand someone but there has been enough repeat performance to warrant me posting this warning. Please do not take your car to Bob King in Wilmington for service. I personally have had work reported done but not performed: 20K fuel filter...
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    Wiper Problem solved

    A few years ago I had my intermittent and slow speed wipers start to act up. Stuttering and stalling out on anything other than fast speed. It was under warranty at the time so I let the dealer fix it. They said that they had to replace the wiper relay (I didn't know yet to check the parts list...
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    Failed MAF characteristics (compilation)

    Just thought it would be interesting to see if there are any smoking guns out there for the population of failed MAFs. Here's mine: How problem noted: lack of power ~3000 rpm CEL: NO Car: 2000 Jetta 5spd(hecho en Mexico) 49,000 miles upsoluted at 18K Environment: southeast US, parked outside...
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    Who was looking for silver Golf GLS?

    The local dealer for the Fest is Bob King VW in Wilmington. I just noted that one of the up to now ultra rare silver GLS 5 spd TDI's is now in their inventory. If an attending fence sitter would contact them and arrange for purchase during the Fest as part of the event (good publicity for them)...
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    Day and Night

    Best I can do for now on the quality. First watercooled VW for me. Took the TDI and this forum to make that happen. Maybe a good dig camera for Christmas and I'll update. ------------------ '00 Jetta GL TDI 5spd '68 Beetle convertable '62 Beetle convertable {fixed link} [This...
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    Short Shifter for A4?

    Can anyone recommend a short shifter mod for the A4 cable shifters? Still getting used to that throw to 3rd gear. Sure would like to eliminate it altogether.
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    Jetta Center Seatbelt

    OK, I remember a thread somewhere that mentioned a problem with the center seatbelt so I checked mine. Guess what? Yep, its stuck. Seems this last batch has a recurring problem. BTW, this will only show itself after the rear seat is folded forward and the seatbelt is extended past a certain...