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    Clutch release problem ?

    The clutch on my 03 was recently replaced. Everything feels good until the pedal is about two inches from the floor. Then it appears to partially release making it difficult to shift. I swapped out the slave cylinder but it had the same issue. I'm wondering if there a problem with the master...
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    '03 Jetta Transmission 02J

    Is the center housing on an 02J the same for all transmission codes ? I need to replace the housing on an EGR but wonder if other codes used the same casting.
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    Repair or Buy Another ?

    Our '03 Jetta TDI went through a ditch and punched a hole in the gearbox housing and tore up the front left suspension. The insurance totaled the car and offered $8700. We could buy it back for $1800 and repair it or part it out. Does anyone have a suggestion. The exterior of the car was not...
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    03 Jetta rolls back on a hill ???

    Recently, when parking on a hill our 2003 Jetta with 80,000 miles will roll back like the engine has low compression. It runs just fine and has plenty of power. Any ideas on what could be causing this problem ?