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    Snow Issues/Tires

    I have a 2012 SEL with 18" Hancook Optimo H426 tires. Over giftmas I got to experience my first real snow storm in this car, and I must say it was not a fun experience. This is my first diesel car, so I'm not sure if the issue is how I drive it compared to my past cars, or the tires. I've had...
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    RNS-510/MDI Annoyances

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed any of these and may have some good solutions. Specifically the lack of gapless playback is very annoying, the rest I can work around. 1. Ogg Vorbis files only play from MDI devices, not readable from data CD/DVD or SD card. 2. Can't seem to find any way to...
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    Splash Guards

    Well my Passat finally arrived, and it sure is nice. When I ordered it I talked them into free Splash Guards, but it ended up coming from port without them. The dealer said they could get some in and put them on if I wanted and tried to tell me that due to the coating underneath they wouldn't...
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    worth owning a vag-com?

    Wondering the opinion on others. I've read a lot about enabling the auto wipers and auto window closing. I would like to try these out on my Passat when it gets here, but a quick search doesn't show anyone local to me with a vag-com to use. So my questions is, is it worth purchasing one for...