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    Remote start or Frost Heater.

    Wife has 2014 manual trans Tdi and wants a remote starter, was wondering if a frost heater heater would be a better option as the car is a diesel. it currently has a factory installed block heater but i have read that i will not really warm up the car, it only provides enough heat to ease starting.
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    Clutch pedal stuck on floor

    Our 2014 Jetta had the clutch pedal stick to the floor when my wife was driving it. she got it towed home and i was able to lift the pedal and it instantly started working fine again. the clutch system hasn't been touched on this car. i have checked the brake fluid its full (probably over...
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    does anyone have a wiring diagram for the cooling fans on a 2014 jetta TDI my fans work, they both run when i do output test in VCDS, they both run when it warms up. the wife has complained the ac stops working when in drive though. previous owner changed the fan because it got jammed with...
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    pd stutter and stall

    2005 jetta tdi it stalls randomly, no codes stored, scanned with vcds lift pump was dead, replaced it tandem pump was still pumping a significant amount of return fuel even with the dead lift pump so i assume its fine. what should i do to trouble shoot this random stall issue? swapped...
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    06 wagon lift fuel pump

    does the 06 wagon and previous years 04-05 sedan use the same fuel pump? if not whats the wagon part number.
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    VW rust warranty, best options

    i have a 07 passat that has some rust issues, was wondering where was the best (most likely to push it though) place in ontario to take it to get the warranty work done? my local dealer (orangeville) doesnt do auto body so they wont even look at it.
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    06 Jetta wagon rad support

    whats the differences in the rad support for a wagon and non wagon? local yard has a bunch 2000-02 rad supports but they tell me the 06 tdi wagon uses a different support.
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    metal bits on drain plug.

    What failed? 2006 mk5 tdi
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    wtb 5 speed shift tower

    wtb 5 speed shift tower mine is shot and i need to replace it.
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    clutch K7003801 or 3000332001

    i need a clutch for my 2000 jetta i also plan on going single mass, what part number should i order K7003801 or 3000332001? these are both Sachs kits, they both contain pressure plate, disk and bearing. 3000332001 is 30$ cheaper. looks looks like they may be the same kit just different part...
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    2006 jetta wiring diagrams

    2006 jetta door wiring diagrams i need the diagrams for a 2006 jetta door locks/window motors. my brother in-law purchased a 2006 jetta that had pass rear door replaced, they never transferred the electronics from the old door and the stuff in the new door isn't the correct part numbers. we...
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    crashed mk3 tdi 1000$

    i have a 98 tdi drive train or whole car for sale. this would be perfect for someone doing a swap. motor has brand new timing kit on it, new water pump, starts really good even in this cold weather.
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    wanted blown vnt17

    i want a blown vnt 17 for parts, needs to fit alh
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    no start 00 golf

    my 00 golf wont start, its never started for me as i bought it as is.. turbo was toofed shaft snapped, replaced it with a known working one. compression is 420 - 440 all cylinders car starts fires a bit then dies (less than one second) no flashing imobolizer light checked fuel cut...
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    kijiji 5000$ car for 2000$

    not mine looks to be worth about 5g's
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    cruise control

    jeep swap what's needed to get cruise working? i am running a 98 beetle ecu, the vss signal goes to the cluster, i am not running the vw cluster, is there any way to make cruise control work? is there any unused inputs on ecu to hook up a speed sensor?
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    hard start with manual coding

    my jeep TDI ALH swap starts instant when coded to auto, when coded manual it runs way better but is harder to start, what can i do to rectify this, my starter is 1.7kw and the largest that fits. computer is from a 98 beetle with manual tranny.
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    wtb map sensor

    i need a map sensor and 12 or so inches of harness. alh engine
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    97 tdi Jeep TJ

    here are some pics from my current TJ TDI project engine is 99 tdi with asv pistons 11mm pump 1019 injectors stock turbo for now. transmission is the stock ax15 unmolested mated via 1.25" adaptor plate
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    blue jetta mirror needed

    i need a set of mirrors for a 2000+ jetta blue is preferred black would also work and if i really am stuck i could always paint them. also if anyone has a blue pass fender i would be interested.