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    Engine trouble after deer strike

    Not that it matters, or that it is pertinent to this incident, since he was only carrying liability insurance, but even if he was carrying full coverage it would not be covered if he reported it the way it happened. Insurance won't cover striking objects or debris in the road. I learned this...
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    Rear axle beam

    I would think the same thing, but, you never know. Thanks for your reply!
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    Rear axle beam

    Sounds like a plan, thanks!!!
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    Rear axle beam

    I am really tired of the negative camber on my rear wheels. Standing behind my car it looks like the deliberate - camber put on a lowered car. Now....the way I rotate my tires is, when the inner half of the rear tires are worn out I flip them on a HF tire stand I have and swap the fronts L-R...
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    New Key FOB won't open trunk

    Everything else works except the trunk, on a twenty yr. old car I should just roll on and open the trunk with the key or drivers door switch but noooooo... :confused:
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    New Key FOB won't open trunk

    I,m having this issue with two new Ebay fobs, tried diy method and vcds, can't get the trunk to pop. Haven't been able to find answer searching......does anybody know anything I can try?
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    Driver door lock issue

    You're about to open a big can of worms. It's a bigger learning curve than most people give it credit for. From my experience in buying these cars, it is the number one reason why people get rid of their VW. You can watch youTube videos for a general idea of what is involved but don't use them...
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    Repair or Replace hole in mk4 wagon fuel tank

    If it was my GF she'd have some "splain'en" to do! :D
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    Repair or Replace hole in mk4 wagon fuel tank

    That's what I would use, get you back on the road in about an hour. Until I had a good used tank in my possession and the time to swap it out. U pull it yards punch holes in their gas tanks. That product would probably make a permanent fix, but it would bug me, I'd always be leaning over and...
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    Repair or Replace hole in mk4 wagon fuel tank

    NOT a plastic fuel tank repair kit.........a plastic tank repair kit.
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    Why is my Turbo Shrieking?

    Don't worry about it.......even professional glass men won't waste their time trying to get one out unscathed. Those couple of cracks aren't going to do anything but grow. I'm sure that if you keep searching for windshields with no cracks or rock stars in them and then keep trying you'll...
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    Need Advice

    Happy Reading!!!!
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    Door Lock Module Question

    Yeah, I guess it is, and I guess I'm just getting my geek on, but when you really start looking at it, it's amazing the amount of engineering detail and circuitry that went into a basic need to lock and unlock doors. I've got a 2001 Civic with 278,000 miles on it and it has all the original door...
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    Door Lock Module Question

    Got a problem on my right rear door.....will not lock or unlock with door switch or key fob, have to manually lock or unlock it. Removed the door card and stuck the probes of a 12v test light into the back of the connector plugged into the door regulator on the blue and purple wires which...
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    Am I in trouble ? Coolant issue

    Soooo.......49 bucks to open the drain on the bottom of the radiator. There was a barbecue house that used to have a lunch rib special every Tuesday. There was a Jiffy Lube that backed up to it facing the adjacent street. While eating ribs we used to watch the JL employees gather behind their...
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    Why is my Turbo Shrieking?

    I'm guessing you got your windshield removing tools from H.F. or ebay. I'm going to strongly advise you against attempting what you have in mind. Since I know you're going to ignore my advice anyway, humor me and at least have someone else with a cell phone there watching. And wear kevlar gloves.
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    Turbo Clean

    Funny.......I've got one in a package that I bought many years ago also. I have never ground down a 17mm wrench for a back up, I just take it off and wipe it clean and spray carb cleaner through it before putting it back on. I was thinking it must be a rust belt issue, but seeing where you...
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    Looking for clutch recommendations

    Banksy.......I've got nothing constructive to add to this conversation but just because my curiosity is piqued, and re-reading this thread I can't find it, (doesn't mean it's not there) anywhere. What was the problem that had you in the market for a new clutch in the first place? Was it...
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    15" Alloy wheel replacements (04 Jetta TDI wagon)

    Out of all the stock 15" 5x100 wheels, I've always liked the wheels that came on the 03 Jetta the best, in the list referenced above they're calling them "reggae" wheels. Damn things are heavy though, 27lbs.? Whew!
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    AT A LOSS!?!?!?