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    Noticeable vibration and blow back after EGR delete.

    Hey guys, I got 2005 Passat B5.5 with 195k. I've deleted EGR about 3000 miles ago and it was probably 75% clogged. Only thing I haven't done yet is tune. So I do have check engine light on and that's okay for now, I'll be getting "stock" malone tune later. I've been noticing that I have more...
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    BHAF for B5.5

    Is there a such thing as BHAF (big honking air filter) for TDI's? It's pretty big in diesel truck community and since I got EGR deleted I'm thinking about getting MAF sensor delete and also getting rid of stock air box. Just to make that diesel breath a little better.
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    Cheap sensor vs dealership (P0321)

    Hey guys. I need your advice on 2001 Jetta ALH motor. Vehicle has only 86k original miles, but been sitting for a while. Long story short is that it was hydro-locked or someone put gas instead of diesel (story there was unclear). Bent two rods. Motor then got taken apart, bent rods and...