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    Another no start, but this one is tricky.

    2002 tdi gradually getting harder to start, randomly won't start even when warm. All the basics gone through, lots of fuel getting to injectors, shutter valve open. Absolutely should start because it has fuel, air, and compression. Sounds like a timing issue. The intermittent no start sounds...
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    Strange starting problem

    Hey all, Ive got a 2002 with 360k km that started giving starting problems a few months ago, getting progressively worse. It doesn't seem to matter of its warm or cold, maybe more often cold, but there's times when it starts right up, other times when it won't or I have to crank and crank to get...
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    What's up with VW parking brake cables?

    I have two VW TDIs, Mk4 and Mk5, and each have developed the same problem where one parking brake cable becomes so long the equalizer is on such an angle the other cable falls off. It's not that one pad set is more worn than the other. Nothing has broken, but does that mean I need to replace the...
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    DSG transmission acting funky

    Hey all, I've got a nice 2005 beetle TDI with the DSG transmission and I regularly get a limp mode, flashing PRNDS light. Restart the car and off it goes. The strange thing is no code. I've plugged in my code reader, mechanic plugged in his and there are no transmission error codes stored. What...
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    New beetle BEW timing belt change

    I've done this before on a jetta BEW TDI, but not a beetle. No videos out there describing this particular model. Is there any difference I should be aware of? It looks awful cramped in there compared to a jetta.
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    New beetle performance issues

    I picked up a fully loaded 2005 Beetle TDI today, 180k miles BEW engine. I also have a 2004 TDI Jetta wagon. I'm wondering about the engine on the beetle. Although same engine as the jetta, it doesn't run as smoothly. When you first lift off the brake and the transmission kicks in,before you hit...
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    Silent exhaust leak

    Lately my 2004 jetta wagon has started to smell of exhaust under the hood, which gets sucked into the cabin unless it's on recirc. It's hard to see behind the engine with all the plumbing though I did the best I could, as well as climbed under the vehicle, but didn't see anything obvious. It's...
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    Mark IV front bumper covers

    I need to replace my front bumper cover and both front inner fender liners. A local guy has a sedan he's parting out and I have a wagon. Does anyone know if they are interchangeable?
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    Losing mileage big time

    Hi all, I just complete a 300 mile trip through hilly winding mountain roads in my 2004 TDI wagon, using cruise most of the time. My speed averaged between 70 and 82 MPH. By the time I was done I got a meagre 28 or so MPG. I usually get closer to mid 40s but I don't usually go so quick, closer...
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    FS 2004 09A tranny in Victora, BC

    Taken from a 2004 Jetta TDI that lost a timing belt. $750.00 Example photo:
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    hard starting, now dead, no tach.

    2004 PD TDI. been a little hard to start these days, hot or cold, and suddenly dies on me in middle of the road. Tank pump is working, new fuel filter so lots of fuel. Replaced engine speed sensor as there was no tach function. Glow plug light comes on, so ECU has power. Not a hiccup. Don't have...
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    Heated seats switch repair

    So I had a dead passenger seat heater so I swapped the driver's seat switch over and it worked so it definitely was the switch. But when I returned the switch to the driver's seat, it wasn't working. Checked all voltages and they are okay, so the simple act of moving it around, plugging and...
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    Hard to start warm

    I've got a 2004 wagon and occasionally, when it's warmed up, if I shut it off it's hard to start again. When I turn the key it fires up, but when I release the starter it dies, like I've shut the car off. Giving it throttle makes no difference. I have to do this several times, and then it keeps...
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    Another aftermarket stereo thread

    I know this has been discussed before, but I'm getting conflicting info. Just bought stereo installation parts for my double DIN stereo, and the dude behind the counter insisted I needed a special cable adapter that fools the CAN bus that the radio is still in place. He says without that I will...
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    09A tranny problems - this one's a little different

    This has happened twice now - 2004 jetta wagon 200k kilometers. When i put it into D or R from P, it bangs into gear, stalling the engine. Like a manual when you accidentally slip off the clutch pedal. Other than that the tranny shifts fine, no hesitation, no slippage. I know solenoids are...
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    WEird noise now ABS warning

    2004 jetta wagon with auto. Started up this morning and when I put it in gear, a funny clatter/rattle and engine died. Oh no! Started up fine right after but now have an ABS code light, which my scanner can't read. Where to start?
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    Jetta TDI wagon engine swap

    Hi all, new poster here. I'm heading off into the boonies to do an engine/tranny swap in a parking lot where I won't have much access to parts or tools, and need to know what special tools/specific parts to bring. I already know about the triple square tool for axle bolts, but anything else...