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    Wheels and offsets

    I found a set of snow tires on these wheels for a Tiguan which are 5x112 with an offset of 33, however the factory MK7 Golf wheels have an offset around 46.. How much of a difference will this make in handling / effect on ESP? If I'm understanding offset correctly, this would place the wheel...
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    FS: ALH alternator, 11mm pump

    Rebuilt AL0189X rebuilt by Bosch - hasn't been used still in box. $200 shipped 11MM injection pump, 200K miles, straight diesel - $450 shipped
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    FS: More MKIV / ALH parts

    1 x 1C0959455C OE VW SMALLER FAN $100 shipped 1 x 1JD959455 Aftermarket Larger Fan $50 shipped 2 x 1J0615301M / 2 pairs BD5603 - Freemax MKIV FRONT ROTORS PAIR - $65 shipped 1 x 1J0615601C Zimmerman MKIV REAR Rotor set - $65 shipped 1 x 1j0698151F - Textar Front Pads MKIV - $50 shipped 1...
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    MK7 AC Values thread

    So my AC seems to blow not *quite* as cool as it should, yet I've heard others say they have a cold AC. Virginia heat can be brutal. So I wanted to see if we could get an AC values thread. Today my AC was blowing nice and cold - colder than it usually does. These were the values: With AC on...
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    MK7 GSW trailer wiring

    Looking to install trailer wiring and I found the Curt 56360 for the MK7 GSW Alltrack looks remarkable similar to the Curt 56373 for the MK7 GSW which is no longer made. If the connectors are the same, I'd think it would be as simple as modifying the wiring on the Curt. Curt 56360 (MK7 GSW...
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    FS / Feeler: 2003 Jettawagon 5spd w/ 328K, ESP, MFSW, euro-hitch

    Looking to see what it's worth. Moving and the new place doesn't have an extra spot. Needs: Due for a timing belt (last done about 5 years ago, 80K miles ago) Some rocker panel rust Radio AM/FM adapter needs to be fixed, but radio and can be slid in (monsoon double din) AC needs recharge &...
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    FS: ALH TDI parts

    rebuilt ALH cylinder head (OE head) - 625 shipped New in box VNT15 borg warner turbo - $600 shipped New Oil return line x 1 - SOLD New Oil supply line (ALH) x 1 - $35 shipped Glass lenses for MKIV Jetta headlights L & R (just lenses). - SOLD BEW dipstick tubes - TRASH OE VW MKIV...
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    MK7 clutch towing? options? smf?

    Within the next few years we plan to tow a travel trailer not exceeding 3500lbs with a MK7 GSW 6MT. I'm wondering how the factory clutch holds up towing? Would you convert to a SMF? I've read places that the SMF lead to transmission failures, but wanted to see if there was more information...
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    Feeler: Part out or sell? 2000 Jetta TDI 260K VA/NC 5spd runs

    So I listed the car for sale on offerup for initially 1500. After two weeks no offers, and at $1000 quite a few, but at that price does it make more sense to just part it out? (uneducated buyers who have NO idea about TDI's. "I can drive it with a leaking water pump though, right? it's not...
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    How common are HPFP failures? Resolved with newer versions?

    Hey folks I remember the days when the HPFP failures started, and it steered me away from ever wanting to upgrade (who needs THAT kind of headache?) but I'm wondering if subsequent versions of the HPFP are more reliable. Is it still an issue? Is it now routine maintenance to replace it along...
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    Broken axle!? Maybe worth inspecting

    2003 jettawagon TDI. 310,000 miles. Sprint 520s, stage 3 tune, I've towed with it. What a fun surprise!
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    Any members in Norfolk/Hampton Roads area?

    Scraped the heck out of my oil pan in this last storm - have a slow leak. Looking for some garage space to change out the pan. Thanks! Jeremy
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    Had that dream again, the one where I replace a heater core...

    I had that dream again I was replacing the heater core on my 2003 Jettawagon. What concerns me is the heater core is original, and I've never replaced it, and that's perfectly fine. Is this dream foreshadowing of things to come? If not, why do I keep having this dream? The last heater core I...
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    ALH low oil light - engine swap

    Have a 2003 jetta alh which due to a shop running the motor dry required a motor replacement. Cam bearings on head were ruined as well with scored #1,2,3. Replacement motor from part out was sourced by owner, with a items kept to replacement motor aside from new camshaft and lifters as well as...
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    Turbo oil seals blown after intake cleaning - whose fault is it?

    Hello TDIclub forum. I'd like your input. I cleaned an intake on a 2000 Jetta TDI yesterday. It was narrowly clogged - down to the diameter of a pencil at one point. The vehicle has 260,000 mile on it, and the intake has never been cleaned. This morning I took the car for a test drive. I...
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    Feeler: Traveling TDI repair - is there any demand?

    Hello folks, this summer I'll be traveling down to bring my grandmother back from Florida. She's 87 years old and isn't up for flying. It'll be towards the end of July 18th to August 9th. I'm traveling from Rhode Island to Riverview, FL - and I'm up to stop anywhere in between. I'd like to...
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    Feeler: 2003 Jettawagon TDI 5spd manual 242,000 indigo blue

    Exterior: Car currently has 2 rusted out fenders - afaik it falls under the fender warranty. Driverside door has rust along the top of it that was "repaired" with some blackish paint. I had planned to have the fenders replace and find a replacement door. No sunroof Tires: 4 relatively new...
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    WTB: MKIV front seats heated black, door, monster mats

    Looking for front left indigo blue door for a MKIV Jetta. Looking for black, cloth heated seats for MKIV Jetta Looking for monster mats for MKIV Jetta 4019190466 or pm here
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    Feeler: RI TDI GTG

    Any demand for a southern New England get-together? I was thinking sometime in late June to Mid July.
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    WTB: MKIV front seats heated black, monster mats

    I'm looking for a set of black, cloth seats that are heated for a 2003 Jetta. I'm also looking for a set of monster mats for a MKIV Jetta. PM or email 4019190466 Not looking for any seats that would need to be shipped - preferably within 100 miles. Thank you, Jeremy