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    MK7 Golf Build

    Will be good to see how egt goes once you drop the new big injectors in
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    lookin for boost logs, tuned and stock :)

    Having a look at your logs the boost control is being limited and I don't think any amount of rod adjustment is going to totally fix your issues here. At 4000rpm you are 600mbar away from your boost setpoint and the turbo actuator is at 36%. And keeps opening the actuator beyond that where with...
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    Let's talk Compounds on the 3L using the CP4.2

    The issue is you are still putting the flow through the compressor… even when not making boost through that stage you will still be spinning that wheel quickly due to the flow.
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    Let's talk Compounds on the 3L using the CP4.2

    The issue is you are trying to do something extremely complicated for what most are viewing as a fairly minimal gain… I love compounds and their benefits but I am also struggling with whether what you are describing is really worth the effort and to be honest, without a good tuner on your side...
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    Let's talk Compounds on the 3L using the CP4.2

    yes on the compressor side you can probably force enough flow through using a compound setup to make 350. on the turbine side it really makes sense to run a bypass to make it more efficient. Yes if you wanted to run a fairly dumb control setup that won’t put all of the energy into the lp...
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    Let's talk Compounds on the 3L using the CP4.2

    If you can get a tuner who is willing to invest the time to work out how to use EGR valve to work as a secondary exhaust route into your dumb LP turbine housing at higher rpm then you might be able to do something that will achieve what you want....
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    Let's talk Compounds on the 3L using the CP4.2

    I agree, but by the time you ship turbo's + ecu + wiring loom to the states is it worth it?
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    Let's talk Compounds on the 3L using the CP4.2

    Whats your real goal here though? 450-500lb/ft held until 4500rpm? To put those ~ 1300kg/h of exhaust gas flow (to support a sensible AFR and egt's ) through your current VNT will create insane EMP. Therefore you will at minimum need a dumb LP snail with a bypass wastegate for your current VNT...
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    Let's talk Compounds on the 3L using the CP4.2

    CP4.2 in bmw m50d spec moves enough fuel for 850Nm and ~500hp in a 3 litre application when tuned…. this is running at least 2500 bar also.
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    Any suggestion on a plug play turbo 1.9 alh

    Agreed - would be nice if these "turbo developers" could show some evidence of performance using a gas stand and give us some maps to allow some proper matching and tuning to be put into efficient zones rather than quote HP numbers...
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    Audi AEL + VNT software?

    That sir is a work of art!
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    Biodiesel goes mainstream?

    Given this fuel could effectively transform the carbon footprint of the existing fleet I can see this going somewhere. I think the real question will become if you just drop it into something older how transparent are NOx emissions? As my understanding is the cetane ratings of these blends is...
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    Biodiesel goes mainstream? Would be interesting to see what changes have been made vs the standard Diesel engine to make this work. To...
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    edc15 tuning... getting into the game! very basic questions

    Happy to be a sounding board for useful maps that you might need. But assume you have found the edc16 funktionsrahmen and can work out most things!
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    edc16suite? going down the rabbit hole..... ;)

    Good luck to you! Should include edc17 suite while you are at it :P
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    RaceChips faults

    Yes take it out... Then leave it out... And hope it hasn't burnt out the piston in cylinder 4.
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    got a tune here are some vcds numbers

    You can't like your exhaust manifold or turbine housing much running 980c! - Although Im not sure just how accurate the EGT sensor is up at those numbers as stock it will be max ~830c... Would be interesting to see the intake temps at that boost pressure. Given the intake/intercooler design it...
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    TDI CUA 240HP to 420HP attempt

    Can you get some vcds logs of your boost and fuel demands? :cool:
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    HELP! 1995 Golf 3 TDI (90hp) to AFN ECU

    You would have problems using Audi ecu in a golf. Golf AFN ecu's are rarer... But like I said a good tuner will put a golf afn chip to your golf ahu ecu..
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    HELP! 1995 Golf 3 TDI (90hp) to AFN ECU

    Any good tuner will just give you a VNT set of chips for your current ecu. Or if you dont want to go that way 028906021GN or 028906021CE or any other 028906021** from a car with AFN engine code. VW/Seat ecu's have slightly different cruise/brake switch wiring than the Audi ones but it's...