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    Part Question - Rack and Pinion

    Hello all, Thanks for the help, in advance. I need a rack and Pinion for my 2000 golf tdi and the vw part number is iJ1422075Ex. When I search for internet parts, I do not find references to this part number? And, many of the sites that sell the supposed part talk about "Variable Ratio...
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    key opens door but does not turn off alarm

    Shucks.... for a while my key has not opened the door automatically, but the key would open the door and deactivate the alarm. This afternoon, the key opened the door, but when I opened the back door the alarm sounded and using the key in the door or the ignition did not deactivate the alarm...
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    Brake Question - How to remove washers on the intake line?

    I replaced my calipers and they came with new copper washers, but I couldn't get the old washers off the top and bottom of the bolt that fastens the line to the caliper. Is there a trick to getting them off? They look to be the original aluminum washers. One of the lines is leaking slightly...
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    Rear Brake Line Question

    Hello all, Time for maintenance again. I noticed the right rear pads were very worn versus the left side. The tire folks suggested a stuck caliper. When I talked with the parts store, the guy asked if the brake lines were cracked or torn. I looked at them, and both sides have the outer...
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    How to get Passat rims on Golf TDI

    Ok... I inherited some nice Passat alloy rims that I would like to use on my Golf. But it looks like they are a bolt pattern of 112 versus the 100 needed for the Golf. So.... I need some advice on if it is possible to adapt the rims to the car? I was wondering if I could replace the hubs and...
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    Plug for Allen Bristow, 1963gp

    I just wanted to say thanks to Allen Bristow, 1963gp, for doing a great job fixing my wife's 2000 Jetta Transmission. It went bad a few months ago and Allen took care of rebuilding it. Wow... what a difference. It is smooth and quiet. I never realized just how bad it was before Allen rebuilt...
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    Air Conditioner Stopped then started

    I was on a 60 mile trip and when I got there I made a stop. After about 20 minutes, we started up and the air conditioner was not working. No cold air at all. We drove for about 20 minutes and then stopped for a good 3 hours and then came home 70 miles. The air did not work all the way...
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    Golf trunk lock spins, doesn't open

    Golf hatchback lock spins, doesn't open Hello all, The golf has been running well but this past weekend the rear hatch lock stopped working. It also will not unlock with the electric button on the driver side door. The key turns clockwise about one turn, then stops. If I keep turning, it...
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    Bubbles in Power Steering Fluid

    I can guess the answer... but figure I should ask anyway... The 2000 Jetta TDI power steering has been making noise when turning. Today, I checked the level after driving to the Diesel station and the liquid inside the resevoir was "frothy", had lots of bubbles. We are not leaking any fluid...
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    Need How to for Power Steering Fluid Change

    Hello all, Anybody have a good link for changing the Power steering fluid? Our 2000 Jetta TDI has 130K and everytime we turn and accelerate, in either direction, the car makes a groaning/whining sound. Not a grind, just a complaining sound. The car steers fine. I replaced the alternator a...
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    Help Please, TDI won't start after dieselpurge

    Hello all, it is a 2000 golf tdi, 290K, manual, cat 2-micron fuel filter. I decided to do a dieselpurge today. I got the lines hooked up, started the car, it started fine... I saw the Dieselpurge running in the correct direction, the return line had liquid returning.... all seemed well. I...
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    Brake Help Please

    Hello all, The plan was to replace the brake fluid. When I tried to loosen the right rear bleeder screw it was turns out that the previous owner jammed a plug in the hole. I replaced the caliper, bled the line, and continued around the car. RR, LR, RF, LF, Clutch. I took her out for a test...
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    Fabulous product for Headlights

    Hello All, We have 2 TDI's, both with headlamps that are very yellow and cloudy. Today, I did my wife's car and wow...they are like new. I used the 3m headlight kit which has an attachment that goes in a drill. My 18 volt Dewalt battery worked great. The headlamps clean up just like the...
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    Battery Doesn't Hold Charge

    Hello all, I have a puzzle... the battery on my wife's 2000 Jetta TDI will not hold a charge. We replaced the battery a couple of years ago and it never really seems to start the way my 2000 Golf TDI does. It is always weak. So... what have I looked at. Alternator... it was replace in...
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    How to Change the Front Side Marker Light

    Does anyone have a thread that describes how to change the side marker light? I can get the plastic cover off, but I can't figure out how to get the bulb out of the plastic holder? I didn't want to force it apart... and I am hoping that someone can explain, or has pics, on how to get the bulb...
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    VAG-Tacho near Richmond, VA

    Does anyone have a VAG-Tacho that lives near Richmond, VA? I am in the process of getting 2 new keys and need access to a VAG-Tacho. If you have one and are willing to yank a couple of key-codes, please give me a shout. Thanks, Dean
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    Key went swimming - Doesn't work

    My key decided to go swimming and now won't open the door locks remotely. Any suggestions? This happened Sunday so I would think it is dried out by now???
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    Thanks, Tom Earl, ninedee_golf_tdi & Impex

    I just wanted to say thanks to Tom for helping get my radiator fixed. I bought the radiator and a couple parts from Impex for $160, shipped to my door and Tom was very reasonable. The best part is that the job is done RIGHT!!!! and I got to help and learn a lot about the front end of my...
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    Radiator is leaking

    I ran over some brush today and I think a stick poked a hole in the radiator. It is leaking some, but I am wondering... what are the best/easiest ways to fix a radiator? I know I need to provide more info... but it is dark and cold outside so analysis will have to wait. I did drive about 40...
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    Please advise... Low power at startup

    When I first start the car, 2000 Golf TDI, as I begin to drive the engine doesn't seem to go... and then after a couple seconds, it jerks with power and begins to respond normally. It is as if it wasn't getting fuel and then all of a sudden began to. This just started a few days ago after I...