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    Tan SEL Interior RNS510 BCM Cluster Bluetooth and amp

    Tan SEL Interior RNS510 BCM Cluster Bluetooth and amp Central IL Looking to sell most if not all of my SEL Tan interior. The interior has 55k on it and is great condition. I just wanted black and couldn't find a Burgundy car with black interior so I making it the way I want it. The items I will...
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    New spares on the rim 1 Goodyear 1 Michelin

    I purchased a set of tires for our 11 TDI that were supposed to be 17" spares and got a set of mismatched 16" spares as well. Both are new with 0 miles and still on the factory rim. Both are the 205/55/16 profile tires. One is a new Michelin X and the other is a Goodyear Eagle. 65$ each Email me...
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    Pin out/pics for 2012 tdi

    Pin out/pics for 2012 tdi cluster Looking to do an upgrade and need the pin out and pics of the connector from a 12 TDI. I'm going to use it in an 11 Jetta sedan. Any info appreciated.
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Im going to try and pull off the upgrade soon but need to pick some brains. I've found a 12 TDI Passat full mfd. it is from an automatic and my 11 Jetta is a 6spm. Not sure what issues might pop up or if a simple reprogram might cure it. I need the pin outs for both or access to a diagram for...
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    Traded 09 tdi/dsg for 11 tdi m6spd Miss my highline mfd

    So I traded in my 09 TDI sedan for a 11 TDI manual 6sp sedan. The old tdi was having to many issues and I wasn't going to take a chance at it breaking down again. Already had the lift pump take a dump and that took out everything in the fuel system. Then the tranny started acting up. See Ya! I...