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    Looking to list, but I have no idea what to set the price at? 😵

    I have a 05 Golf TDI 5-speed with a little under 150k on it. It sat the streets of Chicago for parking for many years getting banged up but rarely driven. It's not in the best condition cosmetically (notably the rust on the passenger fender, and missing antenna). I had the stock wheels with...
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    Going to TDIFest from Chicagoland?

    Let's caravan:
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    Going to TDIFest from Chicagoland?

    I will be at Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis (#6 ) from 1PM to 1:30PM if anyone would like to caravan with me. My route will be...
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    Price for "Stage 1" Chip

    I picked up my 05 Golf from Mobile One a couple of days ago and while I was there Jason asked if I would be interested in modifying the ECU. He boasted a 50% increase in horsepower with slightly increased efficiency--the price he quoted me was $550. Has anyone else around here done this?
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    Trusted Chicagoland Mechanic

    I live in Naperville and I need my 80k service done on my TDI. I also have a check engine light for my cylinder 4 glow plug. I could take it to the dealer but... That would be a last resort. I originally thought JasonTDI, but I left him a message on his website and on his shop phone over a...