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    Golf Electrical Problem

    We thought my son's 2010 Golf MK VI had a burned out running light bulb and replaced it without success. Now the low beams won't work, although the high beams do. We have no clue as to what the problem is. Our local VW dealership wants $150 for just a diagnostic and I thought I would try the...
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    What's That Noise....?

    I suspect the throw out bearing is going south on my '04/'05 Jetta. With 130K on the car since the last cutch replacement, I figure on replacing the clutch and seals while I'm doing the bearing. Lots of different clutch kits online--I'm curious as to what club members would recommend---South...
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    When It Rains.....

    2010 Golf TDI-- three things have come up at once: Glow Plugs, Oxygen Sensor and Diesel Particulate Filter. Where do I start? I imagine that the Filter has flagged because of the O2 sensor? What does VW use as OEM for glow plugs? Does NGK make a plug for this model? (haven't been able to...
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    2010 Golf TDI Timing Belt

    TDI Club: I have two questions, actually--the first is how do I search or canvas the forum for information on changing the timing belt? I mean, I would imagine that my question has been asked many many times by others and I'd rather be able to check the database than re-ask. Not knowing the...
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    2005 Jetta TDI Struts

    Seems like a no-brainer, but thought I'd run this by the club: Is it necessary/recommended to get an alignment after replacing the struts?
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    Struts & Shocks

    Just wrapped up the timing belt replacement on my son's '05 Jetta TDI and noticed that his car has a "bounce" to it---time for new struts/shocks. Just curious if members could recommend a good set and vendor? Thanks!
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    New Clutch

    2005 Jetta TDI has 130K miles on the clutch, and I'm thinking that when I change the timing belt, I I would go ahead and do the clutch as well. Is it recommended/necessary to change the flywheel, or can I just put in a new pressure plate, pilot bearing and disc? Any recommendations on where to...
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    '05 TDI Clutch

    Got about 100K on my clutch. Its not slipping at all, but sometimes when I shift into 1st gear when stopped, it seems like the clutch is not disengaging and results in a loud and perceptible "clunk" when it goes into gear. From what I have read, the clutch throwout cannot be adjusted--any...
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    TDI Headlights

    I've noticed that my 2005 TDI headlights are just not as effective as they used to be. I have been thinking about replacing the entire assembly, but thought I would try installing Osram Nightbreaker Plus bulbs before I would do that. The problem I'm having is that I cannot find any info as to...
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    TDI Roof RACK

    I've been searching for a decent roof rack to install on my '05 TDI 4 door--I'm 10 minutes from snowboarding at Massanutten Resort. Most of the racks I've seen are fairly pricey, and the only one that I have found that uses the factory studs is Thule. Has anyone been down this road before?
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    TDI Roof Rack?

    Looking to put a roof rack and mount a snowboard rack on my TDI sedan. Are there any members who can steer me to a good rack that doesn't tip the scales at $440+? Thanks!