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    I'll miss you guys in Wilmington!!!

    I\'ll miss you guys in Wilmington!!! Unfortunately I have had a fairly slack summer work wise but as an automotive consultant , the Fall is my busy season. I will be on a plane to Newfoundland on Monday of the labor day weekend for 3 weeks of work in the Atlantic Provinces. I will miss the big...
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    Now that's Democratic???????????

    Now that\'s Democratic??????????? So I pose the topic of why a thread is locked to The Mick meister for who I have the greatest respect BTW and guess what he does. He locks it again.!!! Unbelievable. This forum is overdue for a thread with the following title: WHY CANT SOMEBODY WHO IS BLATANTLY...
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    130/150 bhp TDI

    Gimme a break,most of us who live in North America would sell our mother's inheritance , maybe our mother herself to get the car you have now. 110hp w/6speed. 130-150hp is just a pipe dream in Canada and the US and if it does come it will be so expensive that I'll stick with my lowly 90hp...
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    SPOTTED!! 265,000 kms on a 97 Passat TDI

    All you guys and gals are always looking for high mileage TDI's. Maybe cause deep down you dont believe for one reason or another that your cars will actually run 300,000 miles plus. I am here to tell you they will. I have seen it with my own eyes in many old diesels and now an example of a new...
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    SNOWSCREENS, effect/Countereffect

    For all of you cutting out snowscreens, remeber one obvious thing. If you cut the screen out as I recently did you HAVE TO check your air filter more often. I just checked my airbox after 3000 miles running to Florida and back and the air filter was MUCH dirtier and the airbox was loaded with...
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    We should have an owners book like BMOA!!

    Being a member of BMOA(BMW Motorcycle Owners of America) gives me a VERY good monthly newsmagazine, and a yearly book I carry on my trips. In this book people's names are listed either anonymously or not with phone numbers, cities and states, and if the owner is willing to help in case of...
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    1st quarter results . Focus #1, Golf#2.

    According to my sources the Ford Focus numbers are in and they outsold the Golf worldwide 228,000 to 204,000. Trust me these sources are VERY good. These numbers are for the 1st quarter of 2000. So, I thought a bunch of VW freaks would want to know. You will probably read about this in the...
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    Any problems using Delvac1 in a gasser???

    I think this may of been posed before but I bought a fair amount of Delvac 1 for the Y2K Jettameister and I need to change the oil on my High Mileage Camry. I have been running Mobil1 in it. Will the diesel additive package in Delvac hinder or hurt a gas engine in ANY way?? TDIsmokin Claude
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    Delvac 1 does not flow as well as Am*%@??

    I was reading one of Turbo Steve's latest line of promotional material and he was stating that Series 3000 synthetic (The dreaded Am-word) flows 25% faster than Delvac1 Was this independent testing or more Amsoil hallucination??? Anyone??? TDIsmokin Claude
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    which fuel filter to buy

    Good question. We need an answer to this one oh wise TDI gods!!! TDIsmokin Claude
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    Top of the windshield??????????????

    Can anybody tell me and my dealer why there is no seal at the top of the windshield between the top of the windshield and the roof. The roof actually protrudes out and on EVERY trip so far I have cleaned bug of the top leading front edge of the roof. Seems like a bad design as this will chip big...
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    Anyone out there using "Power Up" ?????

    Anyone out there using \"Power Up\" ????? Anybody using "power Up" NNL690 in their TDI??????????????? This is an additive for the oil. Also they sell a product for diesel fuel called Gen49D. Is the stuff any good. ?????? Stuff costs a fortune but seems well engineered and lots of use in...
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    Turbo idle down????????????????????

    Sorry guys I am new to this. I see NO thread for or against letting the Turbo idle down after driving around whether in city or just coming off the highway. My old automotive instincts tell me to let her cool down or idle down for a minute or so before we shut it off.??? Need some good...