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    Serpentine belt tensioner shaking

    Hi there, I'm trying to figure out what's the problem with my car. It had a little tensioner movement at idle.. So I though that it maybe the alternator pulley and replaced it by new one(INA brand), it improved a bit. Next I replaced the tensioner with damper and the belt it self with no...
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    Need a 1J0 920 826c v13 Dump

    I need a 1J0 920 826c v13 dump, can someone be kind and send one to me?:p Thank you
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    What's this ticking noise?

    What's this ticking noise?[solved] My engine developed a ticking/knocking noise a few months ago and it's getting worse... what could this be? It's a 1.9 TDI AHF engine with 435k km
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    Softcondig with android

    Softcoding with android or anything more portable than a laptop Hi there, So I got my car remapped with two different tunes selectable by ECU SoftCoding(00001 or 00002) in VCDS-Lite. Everything works as expected, but I don't want to carry my laptop everytime... So I'm looking for a kind of a...
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    Help Removing broken exhaust manifold studs

    [Urgent]Help Removing broken exhaust manifold studs Hello, my car has two studs broken in the head. How to take them off?
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    How my cam looks?

    Is it still in good shape? Has 420.000km
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    How to estimate Cylinder Peak Pressure

    Hi, I have a Euro VW Golf mk4 AHF 110BHP. I want to improve FE to maximum the engine can takes advancing SOI. So I need to estimate somehow the cylinder peak pressure and where(Degrees ATDC) it happens. Is there a formula to calculate this? I think this formula have to take in account injected...
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    Metal in the oil

    Hello, Today doing a oil change on my car I found a piece of metal catched by the magnetic drain plug. I need help to figure out what it is... It's a european AHF motor, pretty much like ALH with 415.000km on-board. More photos here...
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    Adjust EGR and Start of Injection for better Fuel Economy

    Hello, As we all know. Our ALH based engines(ALH, AHF, ASV,...) are tuned to give a optimum balance between power, fuel economy and exhaust emissions. My goal is to achieve the best fuel economy and performance peak with a stock engine, adjusting EGR and timing(start of injection). I know...
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    Poor torque

    Lately my car seems to slugish, I'm afraid that it's something with turbo... It's that normal? Overboost, spikes and underboost? European VW Golf 4 TDI 110HP Stock
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    Low power on 1.9 TDI AHF 81kW

    Hello, my car seems slow. The 'kick' when I floor the pedal is very weak. Trying to found what's the problem with it I have: -Replaced all vacuum hoses -Cleaned intake manifold and EGR -Replaced MAF -Checked Errors/faults with VAG-COM, haven't find any. -Checked injection timming, it was OK...