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  1. Cummins Driver

    Why Meager Diesel Choices in US v/s Europe

    Another country heard from in this article. The taxation differences between gasoline and diesel was not one I had heard of before. :confused: Enjoy!
  2. Cummins Driver

    New TDI

    Was driving to work today and a VW similar in looks to a Honda CRV passed me. The rear was badged "TDI 2.0." Unfortunately, crummy traffic kept me from getting closer. Was in a color similar to Reflex Silver. What did I see?
  3. Cummins Driver

    2004 PD Economy Numbers

    3 tanks of fuel through my '04 PD 5 Speed Wagon. First tank was 49.74 MPG, second was 47.3 and the most recent was 50.62 MPG. 40% "City" and 60% "Hwy."
  4. Cummins Driver

    Test Drove 5 Speed and Auto Pumpe-Düse Jetta TDI's

    Test Drove 5 Speed and Auto Pumpe-Düse Jetta TDI\'s We have a high volume dealer in the Norfolk area who has started receiving '04 TDI's. Like the new styling of the Jetta/A4 but was dissapointed at the new posted mileage. <font color="red"> </font> Jetta TDI 5 Speed: 38 / 46 Jetta TDI...
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    Turn the Daytime Running Lights Off!!??

    Anyone who has been in the service and has had to go on base passes the little sign that says: "Dim to Parking Lights." With increased security, that is now especially true. I am about tired of driving through the gate with the choice of pulling up my hand brake or having folks with guns and...
  6. Cummins Driver

    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI, 5spd, Leather

    Work requires a larger car so my 2000 TDI goes up for sale. Rather than make a large post here, I made a www site with pictures, specs, mileage, price etc.... Jetta Sale Page At least my daughter still has her Golf... [ August 26, 2001: Message edited by: Cummins Driver ]
  7. Cummins Driver

    Jetta TDI Wagon Arrival Date from VWoA

    Called VWoA (800) 822-8987, this morning 5/9) to inquire about the Jetta TDI Wagon arrival date. The Customer Relations Associate said it would be in the 36th week of 2001. By my callendar, that looks like September 15th. (Later that fateful day) However, dealer sez more than likely...
  8. Cummins Driver

    Wetterauer May Attend the Bash

    More progress !! I sent this note to Wetterauer: Maybe we can get some cars "chipped" at the Bash. Think of it as a small part of the "icing on the cake" everyone is puttig in to this. Some E-Mails their way sure wouldn't hurt! ----- Dear Wetterauer: You may have heard about the VW TDI...
  9. Cummins Driver

    TDI Bash WWW Page Up

    I suggested that someone do a WWW page for the Labor Day Bash. Instead of asking someone else to do the work, I took on the project myself. Its at:Labor Day Bash You'll see the TDI form information link on the upper left of the page. Go to it and you'll find the motel location and contact...
  10. Cummins Driver

    TDI Speed-o Accuracy?

    I am getting about 55 mpg (hwy/65 mph) in my Y2K 5spd Jetta which seemed a just little light. With only 6k miles on the car, I pretty much blew it off as a break in issue. Recently, I found that my speed-o may be off. Here's the process: I am a HAM and have APRS in the car using a Kenwood...
  11. Cummins Driver

    Golf/Auto MPG

    Once its broken in, what kind of mileage should we look for from our Y2K Golf/Auto? My stick Jetta is getting in the mid 50's w/ 6K miles on it. BTW: I am a HAM and have APRS in the car using a Kenwood D-700. APRS uses GPS for positioning and is consistantly reporting my speed at 55 mph is...
  12. Cummins Driver

    East Coast TDI Source

    I see many "where to buy one" posts from those looking for TDI's. Several dealers have told me that VW car allocations are based on dealer satisfaction reports. Our local dealer, Greenbriar VW in Chesapeake, VA _HAS CARS_. (No, I don't work there/own it/have stock or any other financial...
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    Thanks to all on the venting issue. ------------------ 2000 Jetta TDI 5-spd 1999 Dodge/Cummins 3500
  14. Cummins Driver

    TDI Rallys/Get Togethers?

    I have seen several mentions of TDI rallys or get togethers. Anyone considering doing one? I am on the East Coast (VA). The Dodge/Cummins enthusiasts do a large national meet about once a year. Is there an interest in doing one in the Virginia Beach area? There is another fellow in Norfolk...
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    I see venting referred to? What exactly is that? When I want to fill the car, I will fill it to the top, let it sit overnight then top it off. Usually takes another .85 GAL or so. BTW: Last trip, all highway was 54.87 mpg ------------------ 2000 Jetta TDI 5-spd 1999 Dodge/Cummins 3500
  16. Cummins Driver

    K & N Issues

    Sometimes, when K&N filters are mentioned, there are some who insist they don't filter all that well. This issue was bantered about in the Mercedes newsgroup when I had our 350SDL. I had installed a K&N on my 1995 Dodge/Cummins 2500 when I bought it. Kept the filter clean with the re-charge...