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    B4 Passat TDI Pedal Cluster + Potentiometer

    Have a B4 Passat TDI Pedal Cluster with the poteniometer. SOLD
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    B4 TDI Gauge cluster

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    Trouble in paradise- unexpected/unknown part found in oil pan

    I was wrapping up a final maintenance item today getting ready to put the AHU back in my Corrado and I dropped the oil pan to replace the gasket. In the bottom of the pan I found this: Looks like this might go like: And maybe like: A quick visual inspection of everything from the...
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    Wtb: Ahu ecu

    Sold my spare ECU preemptively, hoping to get another so I can put the car back to stick quickly if I need to. Willing to pay $100 shipped to 02813. (USPS flat rate shipping is fine)
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    Rusted '98 Jetta AHU - $1000 - RI

    SOLD! Going to get the ugly out of the way first: 330k+ Miles Ticking valve Terminal Frame/Tower Rot The good Starts after first glow plug cycle every time Has title Runs and drives and boosts strong No CELs Was purchased as part of a package deal from another clubber - was going to swap...
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    2013 Passat TDI SE 6M, Low Miles! RI/CT

    I feel a little silly doing this, but I'm looking to sell my 2013 Passat TDI SE. It is the SE Trim Level with the Manual 6 Speed Transmission, so that is basically the only trim option. Dark Blue Exterior Black Interior 6,300 Miles (will climb slight as its currently my daily) No chips...
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    '98 Jetta / AHU Parts / Corrado Parts

    Well, with the new year I've self diagnosed with TMS - my lack of selling parts (I hate the hassle) has hit critical :D. Time for me to move out some spare parts I have kicking around to give myself more space and funds to finish the Corrado. I will update the first post as things sell, please...
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    Stripping White '98 Jetta TDI

    So now that my swap runs I want to get the donor out of the other side of the garage - I'll be taking parts from the car in the next week or two and then getting rid of the rest. I have used the engine and transmission and ECU and I had to harvest pieces from the engine wiring harness because...
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    My Corrado G60 to AHU swap.

    So I'm finally getting to the point in my swap where I've made enough progress that I feel I can report something - and also were I'll start having some questions! I figured I might as well start my own thread and ask questions inside here or post whatever answers I find to my questions, so that...
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    WTB: AHU/1Z Engine Cover

    As title states, looking for an engine cover and mounting brackets I guess if there are any. All the ones I've come across on ebay are pretty beat looking. Let me know what you have, please! PM works best and I'll try and get back to you in short order. Prefer something that looks like this...
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    FS (Not Mine) VW Corrado TDI- Southern NH

    This popped up on my Craigslist today. I emailed the guy and he seemed friendly and passionate about the car- working on a SLC swap at the moment it would seem. Here's the text: "This is a feeler to see if anybody would be interested in buying my 1991 volkswagen Corrado with a 1998 Mk3 Jetta...
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    Frybrid WVO (Waste Veggie Oil) Kit- NEW and UNUSED

    Will NOT part this out. Located in RI/Eastern CT Will consider shipping. I purchased this kit to install into my Rabbit 'Caddy' Pickup that has a 1.6l Diesel engine- life has gotten in the way and I won't be having time to do WVO. The tank was custom made to go under the bed in the area where...
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    What will a '97 TDI engine refresh cost me?

    Hello all, been lurking for a little bit now but having a hard time answering my question: I'm looking to pickup a 1981 VW Caddy with its original 1.6NA Diesel in it and do a swap for a 1997 TDI drivetrain/ecu. I know space might be a slight issue, but I should be able to manage okay. The...