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    09 Jetta Sportwagen TDI manual 63k miles Vermont

    Sold Locally
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    FS: ALH TDI Turbo VNT 15 (VT)

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    FS: A4 VW Stainless Brakelines

    SOLD New Stainless brake lines. $25, plus shipping from 05403. Jamie
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    FS: Shine Springs, Koni Yellow and Lift Kit A4 VW

    Sold Shine Racing Springs: Front 225 lbs (VR6 Spec) 15k miles Rear 180 lbs 30k miles Koni Yellows: Front 15k miles Rear New(Warranty Replacement) Metalnerd 1” lift kit for Shine/Koni combination. Asking $600 plus actual shipping from South Burlington, VT 05403. Contact via pm or...
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    A4 Jetta Black Grill

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    FS: ECU 00 TDI ALH 5Spd

    For Sale ECU from a 2000 TDI Jetta 5spd. The ECU is stock not chipped. Part number 038906012BD. Asking $150 plus shipping.
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    FS: VW Jetta TDI GLS 5sp Silver 215k $3,900 in VT

    SOLD 8/18/09 TO A LOCAL TDI FRIENDLY FAMILY! 2000 Volkswagon Jetta TDI, 5spd, GLS, 215k miles, Silver with black interior for sale. Sunroof, heated seats. I acquired the car in March of 2004 from a former TDI Club member in NH, when I purchased the car it had 79k miles. The vehicle has the...
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    HiLux 2.5L D North American Sources?

    Looking for diagnostic tools, parts book & service manual for an 02 Toyota Hilux 2.5L Diesel. We are located in Vermont. Any sources for HiLux info in North America is appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
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    Carfax Request

    06 Golf TDI 9BWGR61J364009524 Please PM me the results. Thanks in advance. Jamie
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    FS: New H&R Coilover VW MKIV 29525-2 I have a new(in box) H&R Coilover kit for 99.5-05 Jetta and Golfs with VR6, TDI & 1.8T. 1.8-2.8” of drop in front and 1.8-2.5 drop in rear. I got this kit after H&R warranty my Dune Buggy kit, but they did have a new...
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    Embodied Energy in a Car

    Does anybody have any good sources for calculating the embodied energy in a car? I am looking for the energy costs for manufacturing, assembly adn the raw materials. I am having and old car vs. new car discussion with a friend that drives a Prius(recently getting out of V8 Discovery and V8...
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    Starter Amperage Draw?

    I have 00 Jetta TDI 5spd. It cranks slow, some time insufficiently to start vehicle, when temps are below 0F. I replaced the battery 11 months ago and just checked over the battery and charging system, everything seems to be in order. At initial crank my starter is drawing nearly 300 amps and...
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    Unable to access 5th gear

    Yesterday after driving about 80 mile on an interstate in 5th gear, I prepared to downshift on the off ramp and was unable to get my car out of 5th gear without allot of force. I am now unable to use 5th gear, 1-4 gears and reverse work without incident. The shifter feels like it moves over to...
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    FS: WVO Greasecar kit w/12 gal round tank + more $1050 VT/CT

    This kit comes off of a Golf IV. Also, I have a prefilter set-up with many accessories and around 75 gals of clean oil. I purchased this kit from a TDI owner in CT(, with intentions of installing it in my 00 Jetta TDI. However, I am now too busy...
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    Coolant Glow Plug Wiring Harness Source?

    I need to replace the COOLANT Glow Plug harness on my 00 TDI, once of the connectors is destroyed. I check Diesel Geek, TDI Parts, ECS Tuning & World Impex, without any luck. Any other non dealer places to try? Thanks in advance. Jamie
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    ECU Compatibility? Immobilizer A4 ALH

    Can somebody explain the various years Immobilizers and what year/build date ECU’ are exchange in US. I have a 00 Jetta 5spd, I am looking for a spare ECU to chip for my car. Specifically will this 99 Beetle ECU fit my car? I searched and...
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    Carfax request for 04 Touareg

    04 Touareg V8 I am looking at Thanks in advance. Jamie
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    New VW TDI's in VT

    Hi All, I stopped by Kinney Motors in Rutland, VT on my way home tonight. They have two ‘new’ 06 Jetta TDI 5spd MKV body style, untitled with the necessary mileage to sell in VT. I thought some people might be looking for one. The managers have been putting the miles on them, with dealer plates...