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  1. SilveR316

    Need some help identifying this clutch part

    I'm in the process of doing my clutch, and this little half circle piece (on the right side of the picture) fell out. I've tried looking in the manual and on the etka drawings, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere. It has no part number stamped on it. It seems like it might have come from...
  2. SilveR316

    ABS light came on, still on

    I did this a few weeks ago. 2 hours and 150 pieces later, I finally had an empty hole for the new sensor. Wingnut is right, its a huge pain in the ass to remove.
  3. SilveR316

    OBD Test to Replace Tail Pipe Emissions test in Ontario, Jan. 2013

    The funny part about this new test is that cars that actually pollute more will pass easier. I could easily turn up the tuning so my car smokes like a freight train, and it would still pass the OBD-II scan, where as before it may not have passed the visual test. What a joke.
  4. SilveR316

    CAA TDIClub discount - South Central Ontario only.

    Im interested.
  5. SilveR316

    OBD Test to Replace Tail Pipe Emissions test in Ontario, Jan. 2013

    I have a 2 or 3 year old tune from Kerma. Been meaning to get it replaced with a Malone tune, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  6. SilveR316

    OBD Test to Replace Tail Pipe Emissions test in Ontario, Jan. 2013

    So in the name of science, I got my car tested today. I went to an independant shop in a small town, and they were already doing the OBD-II scans instead of the visual test. I have my EGR unit completely removed, as well as a fairly aggressive tune (with egr delete), and my car still passed...
  7. SilveR316

    Help....pressing in front LCA bushings

    A vice, a little grease, and some blocks of wood worked for me when I replaced mine.
  8. SilveR316

    Lets try this again....Lots of parts (mostly new) for sale!

    What colors are the LEDs?
  9. SilveR316

    Official Spotted thread

    Way to go, now nobody will fess up to owning it. :p
  10. SilveR316

    17/22 impeller picture

    I have the same thing on my turbo, except its yellow. It could be yellow here too, but it just looks green due to the lighting. I think it's paint used for balancing.
  11. SilveR316

    Should I buy SBC Stage 2 or 3 daily?

    St2 Endurance holds fine with the mods in my sig. The clutch pedal is only slightly firmer than stock.
  12. SilveR316

    Turbo Troubles :(

    Pulled the downpipe, and the hot side looks good too. No warped or damaged blades that I can see. The lighter parts where the soot rubbed off was me touching the blade. Unless there is some problem with the turbo that isn't visible, the turbo looks to be in good shape. The gasket on the other...
  13. SilveR316

    Turbo Troubles :(

    There was no evidence of any damage on the cold side either time? I'm going to pull the downpipe and replace the gasket tomorrow anyways, so I guess we'll see.
  14. SilveR316

    Turbo Troubles :(

    I'm going to add that I can hear the turbo whine during spool down too, always around 1800-2000 rpm. Is there a possibility that this could be an exhaust leak at the turbo/downpipe seal? The downpipe seal looked to be in pretty bad shape when I looked at it.
  15. SilveR316

    Engine Plate

    You still hit them with your plastic one. :) Just wasn't as noticeable to you because its quieter. With careful driving, I'm assuming you mean swerving? Lots of times, debris is unavoidable without swerving on to the shoulder or oncoming traffic, neither of which is considered safe. I do my...
  16. SilveR316

    Turbo Troubles :(

    Well... I took the intake off today and peaked inside. The cold side looks good to me. There is a tiny bit of shaft play (less than 1mm) sideways, and no shaft play at all in/out. I also popped off the front and had a look at the intercooler. There is a groove where Wingnut suggested to look...
  17. SilveR316

    Braided Steel Turbo Oil Feed Line?

    Ok, I'll see what I can find. Are any special tools required for the job?
  18. SilveR316

    Braided Steel Turbo Oil Feed Line?

    I'd love to make one if I had the abilities to do so, but unless someone has detailed instructions I don't really see it happening. I don't mind paying for it if its more convenient that way. Whitbread, would you be willing to sell one to me?
  19. SilveR316

    Braided Steel Turbo Oil Feed Line?

    I remember reading a few years back these flexible oil feed lines are "bad" for your engine. Is this actually the case? Are there any downsides to using the flexible line? Can someone that has run this line chirp in? I'm thinking about replacing my old oil feed line with this one when I do my...
  20. SilveR316

    Turbo Troubles :(

    Thanks for the insights. I got the car towed back to my parent's garage today (yay for free TD Auto Club towing), so I'll have time to inspect it tomorrow. I'm going to check Wingnut's suggestion first as it seems the easiest. Failing that, I guess Ill start ripping apart the rest of the intake...