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    FM radio antenna

    Hello, I had to get a aftermarket radio after the 2010 stock one died. I went with a kenwood 9904s and the shop installed a pre amp adapter. Since the start, the radio has been horrible compared to stock with FM and AM. Not as much gain at all! HD radio hardly comes in also. I thought it was my...
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    Turbo boost

    Hello, what is the PSI for the turbo on the 2.0? What is min and what is max?
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    SAT Antenna

    Hello, has anyone installed an aftermarket radio and been able to use the stock sat antenna (shark fin)? How did you do it? I installed a Kenwood DDX9904 and cant get the two items to match.
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    Heat fan Sqeak

    Hi everyone, I have a 2010 jetta tdi and in the mornings when I put the fan on 1 to get some warm air moving, my heater fan now squeaks! I have never has this problem. It goes away after a bit, how ever, if you shut off the fan and then turn it back on 1 it will squeak again. Any ideas? Does the...
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    Random Occasional Ding

    Hello, I sometime will get a random single ding after start up. My doors are closed and no warning lights are on. Can anyone help? This is something that doesn't happen all the time just every now and then.
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    Starting trouble

    Hello, I have a 2010 jetta tdi and after the glow plug light goes off, I turn the key to start the car and the engine used to only need two revolutions to start and now it needs about 5 and takes longer to start! I dont have any check engine or glow light flashing, everything looks and sounds...
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    2010 Jetta Battery

    Hi, Im not sure if my battery is on it way out or not. I got it tested and was reading 12.27 volts with 566 CCA. Seeing how the stock battery is still in the car and is now 4 years old, im not sure how much longer I will get out of it. If I do need a new one, what group or Amp hour should I look...
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    VCDS TOOL near Monterey CA ?

    Hi, I have a jetta tdi and need the tool for a fuel filter change. I dont have the money to buy the tool, but if anyone is willing to use the tool on my car, I will pay a rental fee. Scott
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    Looking for VCDS tool near Monterey CA

    Hi, I have a jetta tdi and need the tool for a fuel filter change. I dont have the money to buy the tool but if anyone is willing to use the tool on my car, I will pay a rental fee. Scott
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    Vcds tool

    Hi, does anyone have a VCDS tool that will work for a 2010 jetta tdi and would be willing to let me borrow or rent to me for a fuel filter change? Thanks, Scott
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    Does anyone know what are the limits of a 2010 tdi clutch is before it slips? How much hp and torq can it handle? THanks
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    Has anyone ever used Malone tuning for ECM tuning and power upgrades? Are they any good or are they hacks? Thanks, Scott
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    TDI 2010 Clutch

    Does anyone know what is the limit on the clutch before it slips? how much HP and torq? Thanks, Scott
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    Boost Gauge

    Does anyone know how to install a boost guage? I am looking for pics for step by step or a video? Thanks, Scott
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    Oil change

    Does anyone know anything about the Mann oil filters. I've never heard of them from the idparts site. Ive only ever heard from fram for filters, and I wasnt sure how it stacks up or if there are any other companies that carry oil filters for a 2010 tdi. thanks, Scott
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    TDI at Laguna Seca

    Does anyone do track days at Laguna Seca?
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    Hi everyone, I've been having trouble filling up my tank the past few weeks. I go and fill up with diesel and the nozzle seems to keep clicking and doing the auto shut off. So I have to sit there and pull the lever lightly to fill my tank. I thought it was the station, so i sent down the road to...
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    VW key

    Hi everyone, I have a 2010 jetta TDI and I need a new valet key. Does anyone know if you can program it yourself? My dealer wants 50 bucks and trying to save the cash. Thanks, Scott
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    2010 jetta doors

    Hi everyone, does anyone know how to get the door panels off? If anyone has step by step photos this would be a big help also. I need to replace a speak so if someone could help that would be great! Thanks Scott
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    Hi, I need to know the size of the door speakers for the premium 8 set up. I have a tweeter then two speakers on each front door and I'm looking for a size on both. Also is it hard to change out the speakers to put in new ones? Thanks , Scott