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    2015 GSW Man- Pulsation shifting into 1st and rev

    HI-- I am having a problem that occurs sporadically. When at a stand still engaging the clutch there is a slight fast pulsation during approximatly the last 7/8 of the engagement period, with and without throttle, once it is in gear it goes away. I would be helpful if it was consistent but it is...
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    Adjust Timing after Phase 1??

    So after the software flash form Phase 1, which most likely RETARDED everyones timing, has anyone gone in and readjusted the timing to an advanced state. I haven't seen anyone post a process on adjusting the timing on the MRK7 golf, or am i missing something. I wouldnt think adjusting the...
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    Am i missing a part or not of sports wagon?

    HI Quick question, under the car in the back between the muffler and right behind the drivers side rear tire. is there a panel to cover the void beside the muffler, it looks like there are screw points in the surrounding fender well, and a cover panel would fit in that spot.
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    2015 GSW Car Battery replacemnt

    So 2 weeks into the purchase, and dead battery. Im sure that there will be ALOT of dead batteries very soon since the vechicals have been off the road for over a year Symptoms: 3 previous starts were slow and the last one almost didn't turn over, when it did start, while driving the engine...