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  1. Varkias

    FS: OEM+ 2002 Golf GLS TDI 4 Door 5 Speed 201k - Western MA

    ***SOLD*** I’m putting my 2002 Golf GLS 4-Door up for sale. And crying a little. Details: VIN: Mileage: 202,000 Trans: 5 Speed with .681 5th Sold for: $3,995 The sale includes: -Two sets of wheels: 1) 15” OEM VW wheels with snow tires, one or two seasons left to the tread. 2) 16” BBS RXII...
  2. Varkias

    New Dealer Key / Immobilizer / VCDS question.

    Hey all, I've been searching around and found a couple posts on vortex about this, but no answers. Hoping someone here has a good idea. So, I wanted a second remote key for my '02 Golf, knowing all the issues with eBay and used keys, I ordered a new one from the dealer and went there this...
  3. Varkias

    Wanted: Passat Wheels

    Wheels found!
  4. Varkias

    Keene Vandals Kill TDI

    Hey all, So a good friend of mine who owns an auto repair shop in Keene NH had his shop vandalized the other day, and five cars including a 2002 TDI Jetta belonging to another of my close friends, were set on fire. It totally sucks that some people did this for no reason. Not only did they...
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  6. Varkias

    NEDD VII: The Food Thread.

    One of the best parts of NE TDI Club events is how everyone comes together and helps out with the food and other aspects of our GTG's. Dyno day is no different and everyone who comes with the hope of a full belly should plan on bringing something along as well. Last year the food took up four...
  7. Varkias

    It's Official! New England Dyno Day VII October 25th

    The trees are changing colors, and the smell of BBQ and Soot is in the air, that means… It's time for New England Dyno day! The Date: Saturday October 25th 2008 The Place: Dentsport 61 Endicott St. Norwood, MA 02062 Link to Google Maps DSG was really good to us last year, and has...
  8. Varkias

    Carbon Motors purpose built police cars to use BMW diesels.

    Pretty cool idea; safer, more fuel efficient and easy to spot since they won't look like anything else on the road. :D I hope that this company gets off the ground.
  9. Varkias

    Location Location Location! January First Friday!

    Hey all, So it looks like I'll be able to make it out to first Friday in Jan, so I thought why not see who else can! It's so close to new years we can all nurse our hangovers together! Or get new ones! Here are two possibilities: Vote for...
  10. Varkias

    Newest Club Member.

    Orrin Jack Sadoway Anderson. Born November 17th, 2007 at 4:42 PM. 7 LBS 6 OZ. 19 1/2 inches. Mom, Dad and Baby are all doing very well. We hope you are too. -Solon, Haley and Orrin.
  11. Varkias

    FS: 02 Heated 4DR Black Velour Seats F&R W. MA

    I have for sale the front and rear black velour seats from my 2002 Golf. They are heated! They have all airbags intact and are in excellent condition. They came out of the car at 90K. Everything works great. They are the newer connector type and will fit 02 + A4 cars. See the photos to...
  12. Varkias

    CCV Smokn' !!

    So, just installed my CCV set up and I've got a quick one. Should there be a lot of smoke coming out of it? :confused: by out of it I mean the air filter on the end, it's like a little chimney. Just puffing away. Here's a pic of my setup: I let the car run, and drove it around a little and...
  13. Varkias

    New England Dyno Day VI Oct. 20th

    The Fest is past us, the Ho5G has come and gone. The trees are starting to change and the weather is getting colder. You know what that means folks! It's time for New England Dyno day! :D Let's get back on the rollers and see what the past year of hard work has done to our cars. The Date...
  14. Varkias

    NE Dyno Day VI Social/Food Thread.

    Hey all, So here it is, the important thread about Dyno Day 6! The Food! This is the place for us to workout who is bringing what and also a place for us to hang out and be social. We'll try and keep This Thread for the event details. One of the best parts of NE TDI Club events is how...
  15. Varkias

    Flutter sound under load.

    I just noted the other day that under load I'm hearing this sound like a paper bag in a fan. It only happens with strong boost and fuel, but it will pop up in any RPM range. If I'm lite with it, say 25% on the go peddle no sound, I give it 75% and I get the sound. Any ideas? The info on what...
  16. Varkias

    ON schedule trip to Kimball's (or what's up with FF?!)

    So, what's the deal with First Friday? Kimball's? Other ideas? Kimball's. Friday. 6:30 PM. Be there.
  17. Varkias

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  18. Varkias

    FF is late GTG in Northampton MA 5/11!!

    Okay all, here's the deal: We'll be hanging out and having dinner at Packard's in Northampton MA. They have food (pub fare etc.) Beer (yay! full bar too...) and...wait for it... Pool tables! Address for Packard's is 14 Masonic Street Northampton, MA 01060 and the phone there is (413) 584-5957...
  19. Varkias

    How-To: Flakey Turn Signal Clicking Fix.

    I know that a lot of people have been asking about this, so here goes! Flakey Turn Signal Fix How-To. By Varkias !! Warning !! THIS FIX REQUIRES THE REMOVAL OF THE DRIVERS AIRBAG. THIS IS AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE AND IMPROPER HANDLING CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT ATEMPT THIS...
  20. Varkias

    Re-Ordering the forum list.

    I have been thinking about someways that could help make things easier for everyone here, both new people looking for information, and those of us that have been here for a while who don't want to keep seeing people posting in the wrong places and asking the same questions over and over. One...