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  1. atifvw


    Ok so Jetta going to the new owner tomorrow. Meaning I'll be using the Jeep on a daily basis, it has been reconditioned and running good. At 275k kms it now has no problems. I need advice on what proactive preventive maintenance can I do to ensure this diesel is free of emission/oil/soot...
  2. atifvw

    Mazda CX5 Diesel coming this fall

    A very smart move by Mazda in my opinion, lots diesel hungry VW bitten consumers Mazda can capitalize on. A new NO SCR based diesel offering in a small SUV around $30k....I have a feeling it'll sell a lot.
  3. atifvw

    08 Grand Cherokee CRD fuel tank leaking

    Any one know a good reasonable price to re-furbish fuel tanks??? Dealer price $2000 installed. ***! History: Looks like this is a known issue with these, skid plate under the tank retains water and salt that eats up the tank starts leaking 6+ years old. I bought mine for $5000 + tax. Limited...
  4. atifvw

    How about a Get together in June Mississauga/401?

    Hello all, long time no see....wanted to drop in see how many interested in a get together in Mississauga close to 401 a huge parking lot, brand new plaza has a brand new Mary Browns Chicken and Taters place, I can get the owner to extend 15% off for us. Would a great Sunday lunch and gtg event...
  5. atifvw

    So el echeapos of ontario

    We all like the cars that we drive but we don't have the balls typical Canadian behavior. If you like your diesel than stand up for it. If you don't than you shouldn't be on these forums. Lets be honest when I joined this group over 15 years ago it was not about emissions or govt regulations. It...
  6. atifvw

    Good will claim

    Any canadian/ontario 2009-15 tdi owners got their $1000 package yet ?? I registered on Dec 7th, haven't seen anything as of today.
  7. atifvw

    Mk6 Golf Front Bumper needed

    My wife's Golf Wagon front bumber got damaged this past winter. I know a bunch of folks here wanted to swap the front end with a GTI front. Wondering if any of you guys local in Ontario ended up swaping and if you have your original is for grabs??? I'll be nice if its white. I know PhatDub...
  8. atifvw

    Tuning / Emmission Testing CR TDI's

    I've been holding off on getting the Malone DSG and ECU tune as I don't know how its going to impact the new OBD II emission testing in Ontario. Posting here to see if any of the fellow Ontarions has had a a tuned car gone for emission testing and what was the outcome. Let me know please...
  9. atifvw

    Wiper blades

    Anyone used RainX wiper blades, getting a deal at Costco but want something good, any recommendations?? Thanks.
  10. atifvw

    New ride!

    Ended up getting a good deal [even trade with my 2012 Golf] so swapped. Plan was to modify Golf's lights to GTI replicas and rear LED's etc this one comes with bling bling lights, pano roof and power seat that was lacking in its cousin, Golf was highline with NAV/Bluetooth, this one has no...
  11. atifvw

    Spotted Blue MK4 Golf Red TDI badge n club plate cover

    Hi there, you were west bound 401 11ish AM today, we drive together from 427 to 404, I was behind you MK6 black Golf TDI plate "KRZY4DZL", yours is probably tuned and lowered I had to work to pass you to wave was good seeing/racing a fellow member today....:D..thought I let...
  12. atifvw

    Happy New Year !!

    A very happy and healthy new year to you all, may 2014 and beyond bring more diesels to North America.......Amen!!:D
  13. atifvw

    Commom Rail w/DSG Tuning Options

    Forum search is showing Malone and APR to be 2 vendors providing tuning for 2.0 common rail etc. I'm looking for local feedback if someone in Ontario has done either Malone or APR or another vendor. This is the first time I'm dealing with a DSG based TDI, manuals were simple. So please chime...
  14. atifvw

    WTB 2012 Golf Wagon 6Spd any deals ??

    Hi all, Its time to replace the 06 with 2012 Wagon 6 Spd Highline for my wife, she needs more trunk space etc. Let me know if you know a dealer where I can get 4 to 5 % off MSRP and winter mat throw in/free goodies. I'm in the GTA but can travel out of town etc. thanks, Atif
  15. atifvw

    FS: 06 Jetta White 109k kms Cheap!

    06 Jetta White Cheap!*Missed for sale sticky sorry* I work from home mostly so time is right to get the new 2010 GTI therefore my 2006 Jetta TDI with 109,000 Kms is for sale, I will be listing it through a dealer for $13900 to the bigger market. If one of you local TDI'ers is interested I can...
  16. atifvw

    Audi A3 TDI is here

    Hi all, Firstly sorry for my absence for almost a year...... Just wanted to share the fact that Audi A3 TDI is here, pretty every dealer in Canada got few........ Starts from $36000 pretty base car with S-Tronic [sorry mo manual], the one that would like to have will cost $42000:eek: , no...
  17. atifvw


    Hi Guys, Here's the link to my baby that went on sale today, I have it at my friend's dealership as through him I get to post it on Autotrader for free and unlimited time etc. The buyer will still pay 1 tax as it will be a private deal. The price seems to be fair so thought I let you guys...
  18. atifvw


    Hi all, I'm getting a sweet deal on a 2005 Mercedes Benz E320 CDI from states, I'm probably going to buy it once I've test driven it and have it inspected by MB in New Jersey when I'm down there next week. This means I'll have to sell my 2004 Jetta TDI Sport Edition, Platinum Grey that has...
  19. atifvw

    Where to buy Coilovers in GTA

    Does anyone know where to buy Coilovers for MK5 TDI in the GTA for a good price?
  20. atifvw

    Heartland DZL Show

    Ladies and Gentlemen, lets crash the regular VWoT gtg at A&W across Future Shop in Heartland Town Center. Decemeber 12th Friday night 9:00PM onwards, I'll be there...lets diesel dazzle the gassers of VWoT:D From the looks of things it seemed necessary to start this thread for chit chatting:)...