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  1. Caddy 16v

    2015 Golf TDI vs modded 2000 Jetta TDI comparison?

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone here has driven both, either a stock 2015 or stage 1/2 (without turbo upgrade) and how it compares to a modded mk4 with similar mods as in my signature. 17/22, .230, stage 5 26psi etc. Driving quite a lot again and the mk7s have caught my eye but if it just...
  2. Caddy 16v

    Slight thumping sound/ vibration on higher speed left turns???

    Hey, Got a bit of a head scratcher going on, since I switched to winter tires I have a slight thumping sound and a little vibration in the steering wheel on gradual left corners starting around 80kmh/ 55mph. And only if the steering wheel angle is only about let's say 20 degrees. Anything more...
  3. Caddy 16v

    WTB: passenger side manual mirror MK4

    Hey, Looking for a passenger side manual non heat mirror. Color doesn't really matter but the Jetta is Atlantic blue pearl. Got crushed from the encounter with a tractor. Thanks
  4. Caddy 16v

    Upgraded SMIC air scoop, yes or no?

    Hey, Installed an upgraded SMIC and was wondering how many of you have fitted the original air scoop onto the new intercooler vs left it off? I had some interference with an AC line so I left it off but kind of wondering if I shouldn't make it fit. Thanks
  5. Caddy 16v

    VNT actuator thread lock/ sealant removal?

    Hey, I need to adjust my actuator a couple turns but there is some sort of white thread lock on it, anybody have a tip on how to remove it? Tried scraping it and some came off but not all, especially on the arm. The added difficulty is that its already installed. Here is a picture of it:
  6. Caddy 16v

    WTB 3 Bar map sensor and grommet, Canada

    Hello, Looking for a 3 bar map sensor with the grommet/ rubber adapter preferably in Canada. Thanks
  7. Caddy 16v

    Breathing upgrade with vnt15 or bigger turbo all together?

    Hey everyone, Was doing a lot of research the last days about the next steps on my Jetta. First option would be to get the upgraded intercooler pipe kit from idparts combined with a pd150 manifold and turbo inlet pipe and leave the vnt15 in there to see where that gets me with my current...
  8. Caddy 16v

    Code reader/ vcds Langley ?

    Hey, on my way through the lower mainland and the Golf has a check engine light on with flashing glow plug light, currently in Langley. Didn't bring my vcds, just wondering if someone is around to let me scan the car real quick? Thanks, Bjoern
  9. Caddy 16v

    Victoria TDI/ VW meet up!?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone in the Victoria area is interested in a meet every now and then, like twice a month or so? I know there is that VW club but I think it's mostly air cooled... I'm still fairly new to Victoria without many/ any people interested in the same hobby, so it would be nice...
  10. Caddy 16v

    Transmission removal/ clutch job on plastic ramps?

    Hi, is it possible to get the transmission out of the car for a clutch replacement without taking the wheels off and just driving it on plastic ramps? I have a gravel driveway and running out of options to jack the car up safely. Thanks.
  11. Caddy 16v

    WTB: VAG COM cable

    Hey, Looking for a vag com cable, currently in Northern BC and nobody seems to have one so I'll just get my own. If nobody has a used one I'll get a new one from ross tech. Thanks, Bjoern
  12. Caddy 16v

    WTB: PP764 or Hflox Warp3 / 0.230 nozzles

    Hi, I'm looking for the nozzles above, willing to buy new as well, just not too sure about the shipping charge from the states!? Thanks, Bjoern
  13. Caddy 16v

    Jetta 9/99 LUK or Sachs clutch?

    Hi, is there a way to check what kind of clutch I have other than tearing into it? I found some threads from years ago but the answers were not conclusive. Only that everything pre and up to 9/99 is suppose to have the LUK clutch and after that the weaker Sachs one!? I'd love to find out I...
  14. Caddy 16v

    Sway bar hole too big...ideas?

    Hi, might be a shot in the dark but my wifes Pontiac G5 has a rather annoying problem. Last year it got new sway bar links and now the one on the drivers side has produced an annoying sound everytime there is the slightest bump. I took it apart and discovered that the lower bolt which attaches...
  15. Caddy 16v

    VAG-com in Victoria, BC ?

    Hi, I will be travelling to Vancouver Island/ Victoria on Tuesday and stay there till Thursday and was wondering if anyone has a vag-com in that area? I got my timing belt done a while ago and the shop didn't have one, so I'm curious if my IP timing is where it should be. Thanks, Bjoern
  16. Caddy 16v

    Injectors from T4 2.5 AHY/AXG fit in ALH ?

    Hi, quick question, are the injector bodies with nozzles from a T4 2.5 AHY/AXG (151hp) a direct replacement/ fit into a 2000 ALH engine? Minus the 5th injector obviously;) Thanks
  17. Caddy 16v

    How's this timing belt looking to you?

    Hi, I've checked my TB today and took some pictures, what do you guys think how it looks? Not sure if it's one of the long life belts or not. It was done by a VW dealership in Prince George before they sold it to the previous owner and it should have 95.000km on it by now! Also I was always...
  18. Caddy 16v

    Strange noise... take a look

    Hi, I made a video yesterday and someone pointed out a weird sound at about 0:20 - 0:23 when it is reving higher!? I think it always did that around 3000rpm when revved up out of gear. My TB is coming up in the next 7000km and I'm worried it might be a roller or so??:confused: Have a look/ hear...
  19. Caddy 16v

    Muffler removal and later installation with exhaust clamp?

    Hi, sorry if that is not the right forum but I was wondering if I could perform a mufflerectomy and instead of welding on the exhaust pipe, use one of these...
  20. Caddy 16v

    Lucas Oil Magnum CJ-4 Synthetic 15w-40 ?

    Hi, I tried the search but didn't come up with anything, my local shop had only the above oil in stock when it was time for an oil change, I usually run the Rotella T6 but went with the Lucas Oil this time. But now...