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  1. eb2143

    Rhode Island to Los Angeles in a Penske

    I wanted to share the experience I had on my first long distance move (May 30 - June 4, 2018). I rented a 26' Penske with tow dolly and received a 2018 model with 2,315 miles on the odometer with no-cost upgrade to a car carrier. My girlfriend and I had a friend moving to Denver so actually...
  2. eb2143

    FS: Tools in Rhode Island

    Everything spoken for. Thanks. --------------- I sold my Jetta and will likely be without a car for at least the next three years so am selling my tools. Willing to ship everything here. However, buyer pays shipping (I can do FedEx, UPS, or USPS per buyer preference). Otherwise, local pick-up...
  3. eb2143

    FS in Rhode Island: eb's 2001 Jetta GLS TDI sedan

    SOLD FS in Rhode Island: eb's 2001 Jetta GLS TDI sedan Sold for $1850 Great time to pick-up a ALH TDI if you can wrench or have access to a good TDI guru. --------- This is not a sale I ever expected to make but career will be taking me to Los Angeles, CA for the next three years and an ALH...
  4. eb2143

    Ireland with pictures and MK7 impressions

    Just returned from a week in Ireland and had to post some pictures here because I was smitten with my rental. It was a 2017 5-door Golf TDI with the 1.6L 115 HP TDI engine with a 5 speed manual and 16'' alloy wheels. Produced in April of this year and had 8700 km on the clock. Seemed to be a...
  5. eb2143

    FS in NH: 17'' Rial Wheels & Snows

    SOLD LOCALLY THROUGH CRAIGSLIST FOR $350. THANKS FOR LOOKING. *I am advertising these for my retired father who is not very tech savvy. If you're interested, PM me and I'll put you in touch with him* Nice set of Rial wheels with snowtires mounted with approximately 5/32'' tread. Wheels used...
  6. eb2143

    When to retension ALH TB

    I seem to recall reading a discussion about this topic but I can't find the thread now. I think this may be normal and acceptable. I was doing a routine check of the TB. It had been at least a year since I checked the tension via an inspection mirror. Would you retension this? (in first half of...
  7. eb2143

    Starter Screech on Cold Starts -- But Not Typical

    On cold starts, the car in the signature has starter screech immediately when it just begins to turns over. The starter quickly stops spinning--I don't think it's me reacting and letting off the key--and the car doesn't have a chance to start. Each time, it has started normally when I try a...
  8. eb2143

    Motortrend asked a good question

    VWoA is in trouble IMO. Especially looking out the next few years before new models (hopefully) arrive. Some interesting responses follow:
  9. eb2143

    Rear Brake Bias and "Is It Ever Normal" Question...

    I am on the fence with whether or not to proactively replace an original left rear caliper and would love for someone to sway me one way or the other. Background: I recently replaced the rear pads and rotors. Both lower guide pins had frozen and it led to uneven pad wear and squealing noises on...
  10. eb2143

    Rhode Island Diesel Inspection Station Recommendation

    I'm in process of registering Jetta in Rhode Island for first time and am looking for leads on a shop that will not have an issue with an ALH TDI not having its muffler . Converter is in place with a resonator in the tailpipe, and increase in sound is nada above idle. Basically, I'm looking for...
  11. eb2143

    Starter Doesn't Turn On First Try When Warm

    RESOLVED, SEE BELOW I'm troubleshooting an intermittent problem for 2 months. Occasionally the starter will not engage when the key is turned to the start position. GP light is on and everything else is normal. There is no obvious click from the starter when this happens (had my hand on the...
  12. eb2143

    No Power Brakes

    I parked the car at 11a after a normal drive with normal power assist to brakes and it shut down roughly, indicating vacuum leak/ASV issue. Went into work and 6 hours later no power assist whatsoever. Turbo seemed to be spooling up normally despite total lack of any power assist. I know I have...
  13. eb2143

    WTB: A4 Jetta Hood Insulation

    NO LONGER NEEDED This may be a long shot given how used all hood insulation is, but mine is falling apart/dry rotting so that the three center snaps no longer grab the insulation. I would like to replace with one in good condition. Location: New England or eastern NY. I will p/u. Don't expect...
  14. eb2143

    ALH Intake Manifold

    Should the 6, 6 mm bolts have flat washers? Mine do, but in looking at the how-to's again, I don't see any washers.
  15. eb2143

    WTB: Stock ALH Dogbone Mount

    I would prefer from a car <150,000 miles at time of removal. Shipping to 04401. Please PM or post with offers. TIA.
  16. eb2143

    Intermittent Jackhammer Idle Mystery

    Resolved: It was a boost leak! Intake manifold...bolts fell out. I seem to have fixed my VC and vacuum pump seal leak with gray gasket sealer. I have an interesting one for you all. Car is in signature. I know I need to get under the car to attempt to diagnose, but time is scarce at the moment...
  17. eb2143

    Basic MKIV Headunit Replacement Q

    I am replacing my 2001 single din Monsoon receiver with a JVC unit from Crutchfield with the harness they supply. e Following the Crutchfield instructions shouldn't be an issue as they are very straight forward. Before I do, however, I wanted to double check that by following these instructions...
  18. eb2143

    Wheel Bearing: yea or nay?

    Car is a 2001 Jetta with 234,300 miles with modifications as in signature. The entire suspension has been replaced (no component older than 75,000 miles). It has had three front wheel bearing replacements (front right x2, last by me at around 210,000, front left also done at 210,000 when I was...
  19. eb2143

    WTB: Dash Pocket Above Stereo (MKIV single DIN)

    EDIT, PURCHASED NOW, PLEASE DISREGARD I would like to buy the dash pocket/cubby that goes above the single DIN system in the MKIV. This is where the single in-dash CD player is found in cars equipped with one. Pocket disappeared early/mid 2002 with the adoption of the stock double DIN. I am...
  20. eb2143

    Parking brake boot work-around?

    I somehow managed to damage the parking brake cable rubber boot when I was installing the cable about two years ago. The boot I'm referring to is ribbed, about 2'' long, present at the caliper end of the cable, and prevents water (corrosion) and grit from getting to the area of the cable that...