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  1. Turbospool

    New PP 520s, VNT 17, g60 clutch, putting in map 3bar sensor, What Tune.

    So, I’m finally spending a few more bucks , and want a little more fun! My new injector nozzles will be back to me next week, and once they are in, my 3bar map goes in next. I do have a 2 1/2 inch stainless exhaust including larger down pipe so I’m hoping egts will behave . My g60 clutch has...
  2. Turbospool

    Build my ALH advise needed

    2001 Jetta TDI, 300k on clock. Upgraded clutch, RC stage 3, vnt 17 turbo, 3 inch deleted exhaust, egr deleted. It's time to replace my sprint 520 injector nozzles ( I plan to replace them with PP 520's) Where is a good place to buy them pop tested/shimmed? Would a map 3 bar be a good idea...
  3. Turbospool

    Touareg or BMW X5 diesel in the 2010 year range????

    Ok.. so I’m shopping for a new to me SUV to pull my 21 ft camper and just go tripping with my wife in a bit of comfort. I am prepared with about 15 grand. Let me introduce myself a bit and then please advise me. I have owned a 2001 tdi jetta for about 10 years, presently at 280k and running...
  4. Turbospool

    To buy a Jetta 2006 or 2010 or any 2011-2015?

    Ok. I know there have been pro's and con's on the three differing year category's 2006, 2009-2010, and 2011-2015 .You may have divided this differently or oftener, or older models (I have a 2001 and love it) Here is where I cut it for now, and it would be helpful for us who are looking to buy a...
  5. Turbospool

    No Headlights!!!! 2001 Jetta

    I've checked the fuses twice and they all look good! Tail lights work, and small yellow lights come on up front. If I pull back on the high low beam lever the lights come on ..... I simply can't drive holding the lever:( all the time. Can anyone tell me what might be causing my problem and where...
  6. Turbospool

    Buying 2013 Passat 113k

    Hi, I have been reading.. so please don't blast me for not . I previously drove 2001 jetta presently 250 k and a Passat 2004 245k so i am a bit in the dark on these newer versions. I am looking at a 2013 passat DSG with 113 on the clock and wonder if and what all I will be looking at doing for...
  7. Turbospool

    2009 treg

    Wondering if the timing chain ever needs any replacement as timing chains do? Am considering purchacing and wonder what the maintenance issues are that one would enquire about first, thanks
  8. Turbospool

    2004 Passat Extra's

    Ok... I'm selling my wifes car since we are going out of the country for several years... can be seen at following link.
  9. Turbospool

    2004 Passat Extra's

    My neibour would like to buy my Passat TDI and I'm wondering if you fellow members would be so kind as to give me a ball park value on it. 1. 230,000 miles 2. Rocket Chip #2 3. Timing chain delete to gear drive on balance shaft by Forum guru 4. Enkie 18" wheels with new tires 5. aluminum belly...
  10. Turbospool

    MAF control range not reached.. what???

    the car does not go into limp . Drives terrific as usual. Check engine light triggers when I'm coasting down a grade. Is this a bad MAF sensor , or a slow leak in my charge piping somewhere, or some other sensor not working. Even though the car runs great I just hate the light on ( and no, I am...
  11. Turbospool

    Toureg..MB.. or BMW SUV Diesel??????

    Does anyone know how these three compare milage wise, repare ability wise, ability to tow 3000 Lb etc. What are the maintenance issues on pollution junk etc.? . Obiously the Toureg is a high end SUV, MB alo has a nice SUV as does BMW. All three are diesel. Has anyone compared these? Thanks
  12. Turbospool

    Jeep Liberty CRD .. any good?

    i'm looking for a diesel to tow 3000# and wonder what the track record are on these?
  13. Turbospool

    Extra Air Noise/ limp power

    My 2004 TDI Passat suddenly limped on me traveling at normal load actually slowing down from 70 mph to about 65 mph . There was an additional air like sound . I pulled over and restarted the car , but the high air sound would carry on under load of accelerating... then go nice and normal quiet...
  14. Turbospool

    downloading pics

    I know there is a 1,2,3 on how to get pic's from ones computer into the for sale threads ... but I am so stumped , can someone help me? Thanks
  15. Turbospool

    2004 Passat Extra'a

    I'm selling my Wife's car ..... we need a larger veh. for towing. Here are the specs. 1. 220k in great running condition, always used 505.01 fully synthetic oil . 2. Major updates have been completed: Timing belt, water pump, tensioners, aux belt, all filters, etc have been changed Balance...
  16. Turbospool

    Black Diesel Fuel

    My friend has a 2005 Passat and wants to know if antone has any experience with running Black Diesel fuel . 1. He has it filtered down to 2 micron 2. He would like to mix it 50/50 with regular diesel Can it work? does anyone have experience with it? Thanks
  17. Turbospool

    VNT 17 turbo, g60 VR6 clutch, sprint 520,, RC#3 ..lost 10 mpg

    Recently had a runnaway ... turbo grenaded and engine was toast . I replaced engine in my 2001 Jetta with another with only 125k on it. Placed my used Sprint 520 nozzels into it, replaced clutch with a new Vr6 G60 setup, since the turbo on the donor was also seized up I put in a new VNT 17 ...
  18. Turbospool

    WTB -ALH Jetta Wheel well plastic liners

    located in Free Union Va. 22940 call 434-953-8384 Mark
  19. Turbospool

    05-limp limp- what does one do?

    My friend who has an 05 Passat has been on a long trip of issue that sends him into limp mode again and again. We cannot find the problem. It has RC#2, and I've also reprogrammed him to sport mode. Here's what we've done, to try to fix the issue to date. 1. Replaced rubber gaskets on all 3...
  20. Turbospool

    Mass Air Flow Sensor issues

    I just replaced my engine due to a runnaway after Turbo failure. I get a code CEL and although the car runs , but not optimal. It will not boost well, and my fuel milage is about half. So I unplugged the Maf sensor and .... yup she boosts great again, my milage is good as well. From reading here...