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  1. bmike

    Looking for Vag somewhere in central Ct

    Please PM me.
  2. bmike

    2010 Audi A3 2.0 TDI FWD S-Tronic - CT

    SOLD Selling my 2010 TDI. Ibis white, black leather interior, 6-speed auto s-tronic transmission. Premium Plus model which includes; Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights, Bluetooth hands-free phone interface, 3-spoke multifunction leather steering wheel, power front drivers...
  3. bmike

    DSG problems See post 10. They have had my car since 6-27 and are telling me they want to replace the mechatronics unit but it is backordered, none in the U.S. So I am stuck driving their loaner, which is ok, but its not my car. If this lasts...
  4. bmike

    International rebuild

    At our shop they are rebuilding an International D466E, that is from memory so it might be missing a digit. The rebuild kit came complete in one box with new pistons, rings, sleeves, wrist pins, head gasket, thermostat, filters, assorted hardware; $2,700.00. They are re-using the injectors and...
  5. bmike

    Forum running slow

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  6. bmike

    Diesel at warehouse club?

    Does anyone have a Costco or BJ's or even a grocery store, Stop and Shop around here sells gas, that carries diesel?
  7. bmike

    Looking for help from someone with used car sales experience

    Can you PM me and I'll tell you my story. Thanks
  8. bmike

    The climate control in these cars is awful

    It takes forever to heat up, recently I connected the Scangauge and the heat will not start to come up until the coolant hits 120 deg and it takes a long time to get there. I thought there was some sort of electric heater that kicks in before the coolant is ready, not in my car. Even when the...
  9. bmike


    Anyone using one? I can't get the intake-air-temperature to show up. It worked on my old A3, (Jetta).
  10. bmike

    15k Service

    Here is what I have so far, with the normal fluids/filters, (including fuel filter) change: Check tranny for codes, have a thunk when coming to a stop and a whine in one of the gears. Hesitation/drop out when cresting a hill between 30 and 40 mph. Long hesitation on emergency acceleration...
  11. bmike

    Key fob program change

    Does anybody knoe if the remote can be programmed to unlock all of the doors on the first click?
  12. bmike

    FS: 1998 Jetta TDI, 138k - CT

    *** SOLD *** After 12 years of great service I'm putting my 1998 A3 Jetta 5-speed up for sale. I am the original owner, it has always been garaged, I hate a dirty car and always keep it clean. I have done all of my own maintenance, except for the TB's which have been done by a Guru located...
  13. bmike

    Basic body work help, rust rear door

    On my otherwise clean and rust free 98 A3 Jetta, it is bubbling around the door check hole on the driver side rear door. I'd like to remove the door for easy application of POR 15, both on the inner and outer portion of the problem area. Do I remove the door from the hinge or the hinge from the...
  14. bmike

    Insurance help

    My son was following a porta-potty delivery truck and the driver of the truck went past his destination and decided to back up without looking and backed into the 98 Jetta. The truck driver admitted his error and was issued a written warning for unsafe backing by the police. We got a copy of the...
  15. bmike

    OEM part numbers

    Does anyone have an on-line source for factory part numbers, or is it some super secret classified information? Thanks.
  16. bmike


    I'm looking for some education on the VW/AUDI regen process. I'v tried searching and have only found generic information. On Wednesday I took a long trip, 300 highway miles. On Thursday, just on my way home from work, I was stopped at a light, the engine temp was half way to normal. I saw and...
  17. bmike

    Phone Book

    Anyone have any luck turning on the phone book option without the navigation?
  18. bmike

    AC Trouble

    98 Jetta Tdi, 5-speed. Coming home the other day when it was pretty warm out and the AC would only put out coolish air, its usually ice cold. This was the first time this season I needed it, about 15 minutes into the trip and the AC came on like it used to. Now just getting the mildly cool air...
  19. bmike

    Biodiesel in CT?

    I'm looking to get 5-10 gallons to use as an additive to the pump diesel I normally get. The only source I've found is in New Haven and they only sell B20. Anyone have a source for B100 that is somewhat local?
  20. bmike

    Burning oil smell

    Had the dreaded turbo return oil line failure, replaced. I'm still getting a burning oil smell, its fine while driving but if you stop and idle the smell comes in through the vents. I thought I had cleaned it up pretty good. Anyone have a timeframe on when this should stop, there is no oil...