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  1. Sprocket

    Timing belt replacement interval - time, not mileage

    Has VW or the timing belt manufacturer's (Gates or Continental) given us a time limit or time interval change on our timing belts? I know the mileage interval is 80k, but what about time? I don't drive my car nearly as much as I used to, so it'll be years before I hit the next mileage interval.
  2. Sprocket

    FS: 1996 B4V Passat Wagon TDI - Hazel Park, MI

    SOLD For sale is my 1996 VW B4V Passat TDI wagon. I'm asking $5k for it, but am willing to entertain serious offers. 301,513 miles and counting, but this is no longer my daily driver, so mileage shouldn't be going up too much. There is so much to list in this for sale thread, so I'll be updating...
  3. Sprocket

    B4 Sunshade removal guide

    I've searched, but have not found a guide on how to remove the sliding sunshade for the sunroof. My fabric has detached and I'd like to remove it and have it redone. My headliner is perfectly fine, so I don't really want to remove that if I don't have to. Anyone just remove the sunshade that...
  4. Sprocket

    Intermittent hard start / long cranking when engine is warm

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well during these crazy times. I've had some extra time lately, so I've been trying to diagnose and repair a couple of small issues I'm having with my B5.5. The issue I'm experiencing is intermittent hard start when the engine is warm. It always starts...
  5. Sprocket

    Starter & alternator wiring layout / diagram

    I've replaced my starter and am putting it all back together, but the wire from the alternator to the starter has a lot of slack in it which makes me think I don't have it routed correctly. I've scoured the web & search function here without much luck showing how these wire are routed. Does...
  6. Sprocket

    B4 TDI w/ ABS (Not GLX Swap)

    Would someone mind posting a picture of their B4 Passat TDI that came stock with ABS please? I'm specifically looking for a picture showing the booster, ABS module, and the hard brake lines that go to and from the module please. Also, if you don't mind, will you please share or PM your VIN as...
  7. Sprocket

    FS: Misc parts for B4 Passat or MKIII Jetta 1z / AHU

    I'll be updating this thread with parts and pictures throughout the week. 3 Genuine VW camshafts for 1z & AHU engines - brand new / never used. Part# 028109101F $80.00 EA shipped ***Shipped within the lower 48*** Willing to ship to other places for a fee. Used B4 wagon springs (front & rear)...
  8. Sprocket

    FS: A5, MK6, NMS filters, Frost Heater, & luggage liner

    Please double check the part numbers shown in the pictures below to confirm vehicle fitment. These were purchased for our 2012 Golf, but I know they also fit multiple vehicles as well. MK6 Golf Luggage / cargo liner with Golf Logo Part# 1K0 061 161 A See this website for a better picture...
  9. Sprocket

    T2 V6 TDI OE Filters

    I'm cleaning out my garage and came across a stash of genuine VW filters that I'd like to sell as I no longer own a Touareg. These will fit the T2 V6 TDI engines with the CATA engine code. They may fit more MY, just double check the part number to be sure. Part numbers are shown in the picture...
  10. Sprocket

    Looking for a good mechanic in Roanoke VA

    My parents are having bad luck with the local repair facilities and are looking for a reputable shop to service their car. It's not a TDI, so the shop doesn't need to be diesel specific, just an honest mechanic that does good work in the Roanoke VA area. Their immediate need is to have their...
  11. Sprocket

    Help with electrical gremlins

    I have a couple of electrical issues I need help to figure out please. First is the cruise control function does not work when my headlights are turned on. I have a Euro headlight switch and CC works with the following: with the headlights off, parking lights / DRLs on, fog lights on. The...
  12. Sprocket

    WTB: Bosal Hitch for B5.5 Passat (2004/2005)

    I know the odds of finding one here are pretty slim, but if you have one for sale, please let me know.
  13. Sprocket

    FS: 48030 Touareg 20" Mountain wheels w/ Toyo Proxes 4 plus tires

    $800.00 firm. Tires alone were $1155.00 Sadly, I'm turning my 2010 TDI back into VW. I'm selling my 20" Mountain wheels w/ Toyo Proxes 4 plus tires. They have roughly 14k miles on them as I run another set of dedicated wheels for my snow tires during the winter months. I'll post some additional...
  14. Sprocket

    WTB: 2 Salamanca 17" Wheels

    I'm looking to purchase 2 Salamanca 17" wheels. If you are selling or know of anybody selling them, please send them my way. Just looking for the wheels, no tires.
  15. Sprocket

    09-10 Touareg TDI VCDS measuring block 183 request

    Would a few of you who happen to own or have access to a 2009 or 2010 Touareg TDI, please post your Measuring Block #183 from VCDS? I'd like to compare it to mine please. Thanks for the help.
  16. Sprocket

    Joined the Touareg fan club

    I've been looking for 09/10 T2 Touareg for almost a year now and I finally found one a couple of weeks ago with all the goodies I was looking for. Galapagos Anthracite Metallic exterior Latte Macchiato / St. Tropez interior Lux Limited package (body kit, chrome tail pipes, heated steering...
  17. Sprocket

    WTT my .622 5th gear set for your .658 gear set

    The title pretty much says it all. My .622 5th gear set is just too tall for my liking in the B4. There is too much of a gap between 4th & 5th. I didn't like the .681 either as it wasn't a big enough drop from stock. The .658 should be just right. Looking to trade and I need it right away...
  18. Sprocket

    Source for cooling fan "guide ring"

    This is NLA through VW and I need to replace mine. Anyone have a source for these or have an old one laying around you'd like to sell? #10 on the diagram. I need the smaller one for the passenger side. I believe this is the part# 3A0121210A
  19. Sprocket

    Needed: B5.5 OE axles (both sides)

    I'm trying to help a buddy out who purchased a B5.5 wagon and the previous owner replaced the OE axles with aftermarket C.R.A.P. Looking for both left & right OE axles. Would prefer ones that do not have torn boots or need to be rebuilt, but will consider all options. Need the driver side the...
  20. Sprocket

    WTB 1 or 2 17" Salamanca wheels

    Sprockette's Golf hit a major pothole and broke one of her 17" Salamanca wheels. Anybody have 1 or 2 available that are in great condition? Thinking about having a 2nd one to replace her spare tire. Apparently, the 50 mph max speed on the stock spare is not appealing to her :eek:. Anyone who...