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  1. GraniteRooster

    FS: Pewag Sportmatik Tire Chains - Vermont / New Hampshire

    I have for sale two sets of Pewag Sportmatik Tire Chains. The chains are very easy to install, come in a protective plastic case. Installed once to learn how and check fit, never used on the roads. Both sets brand new. $140/set compare at $180 new.
  2. GraniteRooster

    VW Mambo Wheels & Michelin X-Ice i2 Winter Tires 205/55R16 - Like New - NH/VT

    Update 11/13/13 - SOLD!!!! I have for sale a like new set of VW Mambo wheels with Michelin X-Ice i2 winter tires. Tires have about 2500 miles on them, tread depth is like new 9-10/32". I'd like to get $650, buyer pays shipping ( local pickup even better! :) ) I also have a set of four like...
  3. GraniteRooster

    '12 Jetta Sportwagen TDI - Manual, Sunroof, Low Miles, Mint Condition - New Hampshire

    I have for sale a beautiful Candy White 2012 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. This car has been immaculately maintained, and is in like NEW condition throughout - it even smells new! Vitals: 2012 Sportwagen TDI Manual Transmission, 6-speed Panoramic Sunroof Candy White paint + Cornsilk interior Huper...
  4. GraniteRooster

    New CarGo Hatch Liner & CarGo Corner Blocks, fits Jetta Sportwagen 2009-2012, NH/VT

    New CarGo Hatch Liner & CarGo Corner Blocks, fits Jetta Sportwagen 2009-2012, NH/VT I have for sale a brand new, never used CarGo molded hatch liner with CarGo corner blocks (4), that fits Jetta Sportwagen 2009-2012 (like this): The set came as a protection kit item with my 2012 Jetta...
  5. GraniteRooster

    FS - R-Line Monster Mats, Set of 4 - Great Shape!! NH/VT/NE

    ***** SOLD! Thanks to TDIClub member emerscape for the pleasant exchange, nice to meet you and enjoy! ***** I have for sale one set (qty 4) VW R-Line Monster Mats, that fit Mk5 Jetta & Mk5/Mk6 Golf/GTI/JSW. Mats were lightly used in commuter car with driver as only occupant...
  6. GraniteRooster

    Whoa, White Wagon! Bam-a-Lam! (Candy White Sportwagen Remix)

    I refreshed the JSW to start off 2012 :D. A little theme music! Before: White Wagon 2010 I had a great time with the 2010 car, it justified itself very nicely in all the right ways. Like black beetles, white wagons rule the roost and outperform all other creatures. A 2012 update was an...
  7. GraniteRooster

    FS: New Porto Wheelset with Continental ProContact Tires 225/45R17 - NH/MA

    SOLD!! I have for sale one set (4x) new condition wheels and tires removed from my 2012 Jetta Sportwagen: VW Porto wheels Continental ContiProContact all-season performance touring tires, size 225/45R17 91H. The wheels were on the car for the 1st week and ~1000 miles before I got 16" winter...
  8. GraniteRooster

    FS: Continental ProContact P205/55R16 All-Season Tires (Set 4x, 8/32" tread) - NH/MA

    FS: Continental ProContact P205/55R16 All-Season Tires (Set 4x, 8/32" tread) - NH/MA SOLD!! I have for sale one set (4x) Continental ProContact all season touring tires size P205/55R16 91H. These tires were OEM equipment on a new 2011 Jetta sedan and were used for one summer (~10,000) miles...
  9. GraniteRooster

    FS: New "JETTA" Monster Mats and JSW CarGo Hatch Liner w/ CarGo Blocks

    ***** Officially killing this thread - starting a new thread with more suitable title for remaining Cargo liner item. ***** Thanks for reading and Happy Memorial Day! GR :cool: *********************************************************************************************** I have for sale...
  10. GraniteRooster

    WTB: Nice Set Bioline 16" Wheels (17" Portos for Trade) - New Hampshire

    Wheels found - thanks all! I am looking for a nice set of undamaged, near new condition 16" VW Bioline wheels, stock wheels on base model 2010-2010 Sportwagen. I would also be very interested in 16" VW Mambo wheels from Mk6 Jetta sedans! :) I will pay cash, and willing to drive a bit to...
  11. GraniteRooster

    2010 JSW 6MT Candy White - New Hampshire

    2010 Jetta Sportwagen 6MT Candy White - New Hampshire SOLD!!! This car is has been purchased by a class act family man from the Bay State. Wishing he and his family many happy miles in this beautiful car. I pointed him towards TDIClub for enthusiast support - hopefully we will see him turn...
  12. GraniteRooster

    Good Window Tint shop in New Hampshire??

    I am looking into tinting the back windows and hatch of the JSW. Do any New Hampshire folks have a recommendation for a good tint shop? Probably will go with good quality ceramic tint as dark as NH allows (35%). :cool: Thanks in advance :cool:
  13. GraniteRooster

    FS - OEM Hankook Optimo H725A 205/55R15 Set $250

    SOLD!!!! Have a set of OEM Hankook Optimo Tires in great shape - no road damage, scuffs, plugs, or patches. Even treadwear across tire - tires were run for one summer. Tread depth is 7-8/32" - about 75% of new. Set of 4 tires - 205/55R16 91H Asking $250, buyer pays all transaction fees and...
  14. GraniteRooster

    JSW eats snow tires!

    At the end of winter, I am noticing some pretty significant tread wear on my JSW's drive tires. This winter season I have put probably 12k miles on a new set without rotating them, worn as follows: New - 12/32" Worn LF - 5/32 RF - 7/32 Rears - 9-10/32 I was surprised the left front had worn...
  15. GraniteRooster

    Snowed - Christmas Blizzard 2010 Content

    The 2010 Christmas Blizzard was almost enough to bury the JSW :D 17+ inches locally :D If you've got TDI blizzard pictures - post them up!! :D
  16. GraniteRooster

    Cylinder Compression Specs for CBAA

    Anyone know Cylinder Compression Specs for CBAA?? Hi all - need some help. Can someone with access to the right tech manual please post compression specs for the CBAA engine? I know nominal 16.5:1. (Edit) Please fill in: New Engine - high limit New Engine - low limit Difference between...
  17. GraniteRooster

    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    UPDATE 12/21/13 New TSB issued that includes all VWs with CBEA and CJAA engines (Audi A3 is unknown), including Beetle and Beetle Convertible. See attached PDF for complete TSB. Intercooler kit changeover valve revised from 0C to 10C. Current TSB in PDF format -VeeDubTDI...