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  1. Nico3d3

    Valise qui rouvre pu

    Ma valise de Golf rouvre plus. Je vais démantibuler le cover de plastique en passant par l'intérieur de l'auto, ça c'est correct j'suis habitué c'est pas la première fois que le trouble revient. Mais là qu'est ce que je fais pour qu'elle arrête de pu rouvrir pour toujours? Ça s'arrange avec une...
  2. Nico3d3

    Need more infos, I'm clueless

    New problem on my ALH TDI. It always happen when the car has been sitting for more than 6-7 hours in the cold. I'm able to start but the idle is really rough and jerky and I have a hard time getting any power, it accelerate reeaaaally slowly and it jerk a lot. It's also smoking a lot. Then after...
  3. Nico3d3

    Repair remote/broken keyfob?

    Has anyone ever repaired a nonfunctioning keyfob? I have two of them, both have a perfectly good battery but I can't unlock the door with the remote. The led on top of these keyfob doesn't even work...
  4. Nico3d3

    Fuel gelling or not?

    So I was coming back from work and I started loosing power until I had to pull out because I wasn't going fast enough for the stream of traffic. I tried to switch the engine on and off thinking that maybe I was just in limp mode but it never started again. The starter is turning fast but the...
  5. Nico3d3

    Car wouldn't start then it start after I unplug battery for 1 minute

    I had a strange problem on my 2001 MK4 Golf. I had a good battery with enough voltage and when I turned the key, the glow plug light was working and all lights were working in the dashboard, everything seemed normal but the starter wouldn't turn. It did a click noise and then it stopped doing...
  6. Nico3d3

    Le thread des vag-com

    Je pars le thread des possesseurs de vag-com du Québec. Comme ça, ça sera plus facile de dépanner et de se faire dépanner. Si mon post vous semblerait mieux en étant transféré dans un autre thread, allez-y c'est pas moi l'admin ;-) Je commence, je suis dans le secteur Pointe de Ste-Foy (Ville...
  7. Nico3d3

    Le thread du pneu d'hiver 2010

    Je cherche deux pneus d'hiver Nokian Hakka 5 pour aller sur mon Golf MK4. Donc évidemment, ça prend des 195/65/R15...
  8. Nico3d3

    Windows 7 + émulateur WinXP pour Vag-Com?

    Mon vieux portable, m'a lâché il y a une semaine, alors je me suis procuré un portable flambette avec Windows 7 dessus. Sauf que avec la version Familiale, c'est pas possible d'avoir Windows XP mode dessus, en tous cas, c'est ce que Micro$oft disent. J'ai réussi quand même à installer VirtulPC...
  9. Nico3d3

    Backup switch repaired but now they will light up when I change gear too...

    Last week, I had my backup switch repaired, all the work was done by a trusted VW mechanic. Now it's working again, but then I stopped at a red light and a guy in another car, told me my backup light were lighting up, he supposed they were lighting up when I was changing gear because he saw them...
  10. Nico3d3

    Lee Steel Trak Radial Premium, what are they?

    I saw a set of 195/65/R15 summer tyris.They look goods and they have a treadwear of 620 but the only problem is I never heard of Lee Steel Trak... What are they? Is it just a cheap chinese company selling tires in USA and Canada?
  11. Nico3d3

    Ready to replace backup switch...

    I'm about to replace my backup switch on my MK4 2001 TDI Golf. I found a few pics here: but still I'm not sure how to handle it. If I remove the battery and the battery tray, will it be an easy job?
  12. Nico3d3

    ScanGauge II not working anymore

    I bought a ScanGauge II in july 2008 and it worked flawlessly for the last two years but now, I've got a problem. It won't connect to the OBD II interface. In fact, it doesn't show anything on the front LED display as if there was no power. Sometime, when I try to unplug and replug it, I get a...
  13. Nico3d3

    Clunk when turning steering wheel?

    Last summer, I knew I had to change both inner CV joint because I was getting vibrations under hard acceleration and it was also making clunking noise when turning while I was pressing the gas pedal. Now the problem is back but it's a little different this time. I get the noise, when I turn the...
  14. Nico3d3

    VW antenna amplifier lead to electrical problem?

    I had way too much trouble with my MK4 Golf regarding cold start below 5F and I was tired of throwing money at it, so I looked at different possibilities. It lead me to investigate the aftermarket radio wiring harness. I already knew the problem was caused by a battery almost dead everytime the...
  15. Nico3d3

    Car won't start troubleshooting (again)

    Here we go again, we hear a lot about people claiming a TDI can easily start in the coldest temperature but I fail to see how it will happen on my car. After three years and lots of money thrown into it, I still get the same problem, it's getting ridiculously frustrating. After a starter...
  16. Nico3d3

    Using Peugeot HDI 2.0 injector on an ALH?

    I heard some interesting facts regarding the HDI 2.0 engine from Peugeot. This common rail diesel engine is on the market since a long time ago and they used the EDC15 ECU for a while too. I was wondering what would it need to transplant the common rail injection system onto an ALH engine? I...
  17. Nico3d3

    vag-com adaptation?

    Can anyone tell where should I go in the adaptation channel (vag-com) to increase fueling? I already got these infos from a google search: but it doesn't tell me which adaptation channel I need to use?
  18. Nico3d3

    OT: réception TV HD avec antenne?

    C'est le Cabok en moi qui parle, je veux avoir la TV sans payer le gros prix du cable. C'est quoi ça prend comme récepteur pour capter des postes en HD avec une antenne?
  19. Nico3d3

    Clunk in the rear end?

    I get a big clunking noise over bumpy road. I'm wondering if the rear axle bushing will need a replacement again? I replaced them in May 2008! How could they broke once again only after one year? Is there anything else that could be the culprit?
  20. Nico3d3

    Julep 8 septembre édition y fait beau pour une fois

    Y'en as tu pas mal qui vont être là? J'voulais venir faire un tour pour faire checker ma backup switch voir si c'est juste une niaiserie qui fait qu'à marche pas.