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  1. Ray_G

    Corrado G60 front brakes for A3/B4 upgrade

    I have a set of Corrado front brakes. They will fit A3/B4 front brakes and use 11 inch rotors. you will need 15" wheels to run these, but a very nice easy brake upgrade. The calipers need to be rebuilt, seals, boot and pin kit. The castings are decent enough and I have one piston that is still...
  2. Ray_G

    Left over new old stock parts

    I no longer work on TDI's. I am in the process of getting rid of parts etc that I don't want. A person local to me took most of what I had, but he did not want this stuff. This stuff is new old stock, sitting around a while. Guaranteed new, but with finger prints on the box and some of the boxes...
  3. Ray_G

    10mm Injection pump AHU/1Z

    10mm pump off of a 98 Jetta tdi. the car had 129,xxx miles on it. The pump has been on the shelf for year or so.. Guaranteed to work or money back. I have not been keeping up with pump prices so 250.00 or offer plus shipping.
  4. Ray_G

    97 Passat tdi part out

    Before this thing goes to the crushers I will post it up here for parts. The engine had a deep knock in it. The head is off and all that is left of it is the bare head. The turbo is shot the intake egr valve is shot I have one nice left over drivers door handle from years ago VW original for 25...
  5. Ray_G

    WTB 05-06 Jetta TDI Manual

    I am looking for a Jetta 05.5-06. I would like something with no more than 150k miles and a manual. The only real requirements I have is NO BLACK INTERIORS OR EXTERIORS. If you have one that needs a timing belt, has a flywheel rattle or hissing cooler bring it on. Not one dime more than 8k...
  6. Ray_G

    WTB BEW Egr cooler pipes

    I need the upper and lower egr cooler pipes for an A4 Jetta with a BEW engine. (another VW recall that they did not bolt the cooler down) Anyway the PN's are: 038131521CC Lower pipe 038131521CA Upper pipe Let me know if you can help out, if you can please shoot me a price including...
  7. Ray_G

    B4V rear springs wanted. 1996

    Hi Guys, I am working on a 96 Passat wagon. One of the rear springs is broken and the new ones are rather expensive. I am trying to put this wagon in the save column for this guy and I just found a broken rear spring while replacing the rear shocks. Anybody out there have a spring or pair they...
  8. Ray_G

    WTB Clock spring for B4 Passat

    Before I go do battle on Vortex I thought I would ask here. Does anybody have a clock spring for sale? I believe the pn is 1H0-959-653-E and it is for my B4 Passat. Thanks!
  9. Ray_G

    WTB Anti shudder valve vacuum actuator

    I need the vacuum actuator for an anti shudder valve from an ALH motor. Anybody have a junk egr valve that has a good anti shudder actuator they want to sell? Thanks, Ray
  10. Ray_G

    WTB B4 black drivers door interior panel

    I need a black drivers door panel (cloth) for a B4 Passat. Please give me a price shipped to 74044 Thanks, Ray
  11. Ray_G

    WTB stock turbo from ALH

    I need a good turbo for an ALH motor. Let me know how many miles and your price shipped to 74044 Thanks, Ray
  12. Ray_G

    FS Receiver dryer for 05.5 Jetta tdi

    I got this for a compressor change I did. I wound put putting a whole new condenser on which came with a dryer on it. The PN is 1K0 298 403a. It is new the seal has never been opened and comes with the mounting hardware. 38.00 plus shipping from 1stvw. I would like 25.00 shipped for this one.
  13. Ray_G

    FS Magnet bra for B5.5 Passat

    I have this: new in the box, but has been sitting for a year or two. I don't have my Passat anymore so this needs to go. These are 49.99 new, I would like 30.00 shipped for it. The website is
  14. Ray_G

    FS Big brake upgrade for B4's

    I have just about everything from a G60 Corrado front brake setup to convert a B4 front brakes to the 11 inch rotors and calipers. I bought this stuff with the intention of blasting/painting rebuilding them and putting them on my B4V. I never got there and I am guessing I never will. Anyway this...
  15. Ray_G

    WTB ALH intake hose

    I need the elbow shaped hose that goes to the intake manifold on an ALH Jetta. If you have one please let me know how much shipped to 74044 Thanks, Ray
  16. Ray_G

    B4 GLX conversion to TDI

    I have a 97 Jetta TDI, wrecked. I can get a nice B4 GLX wagon with a 5 speed to do a swap on. I know that the intercooler and cluster are not going to work from the Jetta. I guess the question is how many parts am I going to have to source from a Passat donor car to do this? Is the wiring out of...
  17. Ray_G

    WTB anti shudder valve for ALH

    Just like the title says, I need a good anti shudder valve for an ALH motor. One that does not leak preferably! :D If you have one let me know the price shipped to 74044 Thanks, Ray
  18. Ray_G

    FS: 97 Passat TDI 2K

    SOLD Pending funds! Just as the title says, I have my 97 Passat for sale. It has 237,xxx miles on the odometer. Accurate to my knowledge. 1.9 TDI 1z engine with 5sp manual gearbox like all of them. The car is storm gray with the charcoal interior. For those that don’t know it has the...
  19. Ray_G

    WTB EGR Cooler for ALH

    Like the title says, looking for a good EGR cooler for an ALH motor. Please let me know what you have and price. Thanks, Ray
  20. Ray_G

    03 Jetta wagon for sale.